Be Fueled By Your Exhaustion


Amongst my peers, entrepreneurship is the hottest thing. Everyone wants to create something great, own a flourishing business or design a successful clothing line. Me, I was comfortable working for people. I (wrongfully) didn't want the responsibility of creating, managing and running anything myself. At least not anything that affected my livelihood. "If this fails..." and "I don't know the first thing about..." consumed my mind, as I convinced myself why working for a company I don't own, isn't half bad. I preached to myself about why the job security and structure provided by having an employer, is greater than being self-employed.

Then I got tired. I was over having to wake up at 8:00 a.m every morning from Monday to Friday. I got tired of being creatively restricted because my job was challenge-less. I became annoyed with the same routine, the same phone calls and the same co-workers working my last nerve. (You know how that goes!)

It wasn’t until I grew tired of working for someone else, that I wanted to work for myself. Often times, that’s how it goes; you won’t change anything until you become tired of it. Our comfort can be crippling.. Sometimes it’s unfortunate that that’s what it takes. Other times, I’m just grateful for the epiphany.

So here I am, working toward something greater. Something that I had never imagined myself doing. Something that I’m completely trusting God on to guide and protect me through.

And I’m happy. Invigorated, really. Knowing that I’m not just going to exist in this dry, damaged world - but that in some way, I’ll be creating my own world and inspiring change…at the same dang time. Knowing that I won't just be living to work a 9 to 5 for the rest of my life, but that I'll be immersed in the most passionate work I could have ever imagined doing.

In many ways, I’m happy I got tired. The exhaustion forced me to dream and it encouraged me to step out and become more. I hope you, too, get tired. I hope your eyes become heavy and you have a hard time finding a place to rest your head. I hope that in those moments of sheer fatigue - those moments that your tear ducts can’t bare to hydrate your dry eyes and you “just can’t stand it anymore” - you give birth. Give birth to your dreams and to a life of creation.

Be fueled by your exhaustion. 

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