Just Do It!: Running Toward Salvation


I was having an insightful discussion with a friend of mine about spiritual salvation. I was surprised when she revealed to me that she wasn't saved, considering she'd been in church her whole life - and even introduced me to church at a young age, when my mother gave up on the hypocritical saints that sat in the pews. Although, I shouldn't have assumed she was saved, I kind of figured it was a given. I suppose the spiritual ignorance I still find myself fighting from time to time reared its ugly head. She told me the reason she isn't and it prompted me to recollect back to when I wasn't yet saved; and the long process I went through with myself to get there. 

During my initial thoughts of salvation, I sought out advice from those who went to church and those who don't. Bad idea! Truthfully, when you're making a decision that effects you (and only you), it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Unfortunately, I didn't trust in that, back then. After receiving so many different pieces of advice, from so many different people, I still hadn't reached a decision. A decision that would ultimately change my existence. I battled with what would be different if I got saved. I struggled with the notion enforced by my mother who suggested that I don't have to be saved to serve God. I even uttered - like many others - "I'm just not ready to be saved". 

You're not ready?!

While one of the most absurd things I could have ever said to excuse my lack of salvation - I understand where the misconception of "being ready" comes from. 

Salvation seems like a scary thing. People interpret it as putting away all the fun life has to offer, to go on this slow, quiet, dreadful walk with Christ. But that's not it at all. 

Salvation is acknowledging Christ as your Lord and Savior and committing yourself to following Him and His word. It's not scary at all, actually. It's one of the most fulfilling journeys I've ever embarked on and it began with a simple declaration. There is no prerequisite for salvation. You do not have to memorize bible scriptures. You do not have to pass a test. You do not have to achieve 9 out of 10 commandments. You do not have to be able to recite scriptures in front of the congregation one Sunday at the 11a.m service. 

You merely have to accept Christ as your Savior. That's it. Really

There's nothing to truly be "ready" for. Of course, with salvation, behaviors must change. You must dive into The Word. You must use each waking day to live more Christ-like. You must cleanse your heart, everyday, in an attempt to be better. You must be committed to saying "Yes" to God, whatever it may be, and trusting Him wholeheartedly. You must dedicate your life's work to fulfilling God's purpose. But that's not what you do before salvation, that's what you do during your journey. 

You will never get it all right, before salvation. But with salvation, Christ will lead you, enlighten you and strengthen you. You will fall, but He will forgive you; and you know that, because you know His word. You know His promises. And you trust them both. 

So for those of you who have been contemplating salvation: Just do it! Make that firm declaration. Scream it to the mountaintop. Let people know. Say 'Yes' to Christ and allow Him to work on you. Allow Him to come into your life and switch it all around. Allow Him to strengthen you during the weakest moments of your spiritual journey. Allow yourself to be human and cry out for help when you need it - because you will need it. Allow him to transform your life and everything within. Christ is your savior. You shouldn't have to "get ready" to declare that. Save your soul. Enrich His kingdom with your presence. 

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