GUEST SUBMISSION: What's a King to a Queen?


What does it mean to be a King to a Queen?

Most think that a King is this all powerful and dominate ruler who everyone fears, and to which there are no objections to his judgment. But in the world of men with power, men with supreme abilities, work ethic or intelligence, there's always that one driving force that keeps him sane and balanced. There's that one thing that he always comes back to at the end of the day, the one thing that's always there for him to fall back on when he needs a true ear. It's that one thing that whenever it gets rough, whenever things seem to fall apart, or things are just not right within his mind. That one thing that will always bring balance to his mind will forever be his Queen.

A Queen is the beginning and end of any kingdom; she's the continuation of great dynasties and the creator of great humans that continue to do greatness on this planet. Make no mistake, the greatest commodity on this planet is not riches, land, knowledge or even the very air that we breathe, it's the woman that can make the toughest of days seem like nothing more than a blimp on the radar. Kings have literally gone to war and destroyed whole kingdoms over the slightest of looks or disrespect directed towards his queen. The honor and sacredness of his Queen is the utmost important thing to a king on this planet, more so that of his own pride and respect.

You never notice how a strong woman's support and a man's greatness go hand in hand. Whether it be mother and son, or husband and wife, a man can do so many great things on this planet if he as that one woman that can show him the light at the end of any tunnel. There are two sides of every single coin, that's why on one side there's the King, ruling and protecting his kingdom without any recourse or second thought in his mind. Then you have the Queen, looking elegant while supporting the burdens of the crown. To me the rule of the crown isn't just that of the King, it's by extension the Queen's responsibility as well. She's the one who has to deal with the heavy heart, the constant pressures of the mind, and the occasional irrational anger. But at the end of the day, she's built to deal with the troubles that come to her King.

Make no mistake, while everyone acknowledges the King as the complete and sole ruler, the King knows within his mind and deep in his heart that his Queen is right hand, his better half, his equal. If there is any man that denies this way of thinking, then he is simply not a King but merely a Prince, playing imposter to something that he is not ready for. There are a lot of Queens stuck with Princes for the simple fact that there was no King around to save the day. And that's what seems to be going on a lot these days, Princes are charming Queens into thinking they are Kings, when simply they are not. Majority of the time those same Princes think they are Kings when they really are no closer to becoming one from the first day they were born. You know I'll go on a ledge here and say those aren't even Queens, those are Princesses. Those same Princesses attract the Princes and they have themselves just the grandest of times thinking that they are more than what they are.

That's the point where a King finds a Queen, a woman that brings out the utter best in him. He will stop at nothing to make sure that every need that she will ever want for is met with quick judgment, and that same Queen who has that King providing that much security will never want or need for anything other than the love and respect that he gives to her daily. So to answer my question from earlier, "What does it mean to be a King to a Queen?", well it means to be the protector of light, the protector of truth and knowledge, the protector of everything right in this world, the guardian of your heart, and the creator of life. That's what it means to be a King, it's the greatest responsibility on this planet, but once a King accepts that responsibility, then he will make sure it's his duty to be the best ruler possible and if he doesn't succeed, he will die trying.

Devon Young of is a devoted boyfriend, son, brother, uncle, cousin, friend, mentor - and most importantly - man of God. He uses blogging as a means to teach his peers that at the end of a life filled with highs and lows, there is hope and triumph. 

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