Protect Your Positivity


They say if you can't change your situation, to change your thinking. People encourage the transformation of your mind as a means of circumstantial restoration. People tell us that our issues originate in our minds, and that by altering the way we think, we can change the very thing we don't like thinking about. We're told to speak positive affirmations over ourselves, and others are told to use methods of positive reinforcement to keep us uplifted. 

Creating a more positive state of mind is in deed helpful for the pieces of our lives that are less than what we'd hoped. But what's equally important is maintaining that positive mind; because people are draining and life happens. And in order to maintain our own mental stability enough to get ourselves out of the damaging things that may be consuming us, we need to maintain a positive mind. We need to protect our positivity in this world plagued by negative. 

Negative voices seem to be the loudest. Those are the ones heard over roaring crowds. Shoot, negative voices are the roaring crowds. The ones that tell you what you can’t do and highlight what you don’t have. Negative voices are shown in the lack of support; the steadily decreasing website stats, the limited sales and the no clients. Negative voices are those of "friends" and enemies. They’re the ones waiting for your demise from the sidelines, praying that you throw in the towel to meet them back on their side of the court - the side of complacency and mediocrity. The side where hope dies and passion is nonexistent.

But in the crevices of a day’s work, there’s a positive voice. That voice is yours. Or the voice of your real friends. It’s the voice whispering to you “keep going”, “keep trying” and to “never give up”. Positive voices are the ones that reinforce your brilliant ideas, and the ones dedicated to tweaking the ones that aren’t so brilliant. They’re the voices of happiness despite the circumstances; the voices that speak blessings over your life. Positive voices are from those whose minds have been transformed to find joy in all things. 

“The loudest in the room usually has the least to say,” and in a world where all you seem to hear is negative, it’s hard to focus. It’s hard to tune into the whispers of positivity when the ignorance of negative is screaming in your ear. But you must; and here are a few ways to do it.

Ignore negative comments and the people that make them – if it’s not inspiring, encouraging or empowering, let it go. Push them away from your Twitter and Instagram accounts, block them mute them and report them as spam. Get them out of your text messages and e-mails. If you're not speaking life, you're speaking death, and it's best to keep those with defeat on their tongues, far away from you. Continue to speak life into yourself and your work. Do not let the comments of those who don't understand or don't care to support you, take you from your purpose. Do not give fuel to those dead end arguments and unsolicited opinions. Don't allow the negative outlooks to corrupt your positive vibe. 

Purify your timelines – if your timeline is anything like mine, your Facebook news feed is the home of girl fights, conspiracy theorists and bad news. And while, good to stay in the know with hopes of evoking change, these things can put a damper on anyone’s parade. I recently made the decision to get rid of all of that by 'unfollowing' the posts of people that spread those kind of videos and messages. It's no offense to them, but those aren't images I want to wake up and see each morning. Nor are they anything that would push me creatively. In this point in life, we must be intentional in our interactions and what we choose to consume.

Filter your friends – Some friends are draining. Some may speak constant defeat and death over themselves and everyone around them. And while as a friend, you should want to help them, you must also help yourself. If you feel their constant gossip, negativity and pessimism are ruining what you’re trying to become, it’s time to filter that friend. Limit your interactions. Be cognizant of the things you let them in on. Protect your endeavors from their ill wishes. I'm not saying all of our friends are like this. Some of us may be not even have negative friends, but for those of us who do: let them go. Surround yourself with friends with a positive mindset; friends that no matter what they go through, they can see the light at the end of the tunnel - no matter how dim it may be at the time. Find friends who are genuine, caring and supportive. Filter the folk who aren't happy for your growth. Unfriend the friends that expect you to shrink to maintain the friendship. Marianne Williamson said it best, "there's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you." 

Having a positive mindset is crucial when pursuing your purpose. Do all you can to maintain it. 

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