5 Tips for Establishing a Consistent Prayer Life


Prayer is one of the most important pieces of developing a relationship with God. It's your time to talk to Him, thank Him and let Him know what you may need. It's a close equivalent to "date nights" in a relationship - it's your time to be more intimately connected (mentally and emotionally intimate) with God. However, much like those date nights, it may be hard to find time to get those prayers out. With all that God's done in our lives, the least we can do is talk with Him, but admittedly, sometimes it's hard to allocate time to it. Below are a few tips to get you well on your way to establishing a consistent prayer life:

1. Designate prayer time in your schedule. "Out of sight, out of mind." If you're the busy working woman whose life lies in the calendar app on your iPhone, then scheduling things is one of the only ways to guarantee you'll be there and/or do something. Adding "prayer time" to your calendar each night, will not only serve as a reminder to do it, but it'll also keep you from scheduling something else during that time.

2. Know what you want to pray about. Sometimes we're led by the spirit to pray. Other times, we're not so sure what to say. One of the best ways to make sure you stay focused on your prayer is to know what you're praying for/about. When I'm overwhelmed with life, I jot down my various prayer needs throughout the day. When I head to my room each night (for my prayer time), I already have the items I need to pray for. That way it's easier for me to get started and straight to the point. Besides, recognizing you need prayer is a great way to get you to pray.

3. Pray on-the-go. This is a little different from the traditional ideas of prayer, but in this fast-paced society, sometimes you have to get it in when you can - even if it is while you're on your way to a meeting. Turn down the noise and open up, share with Him your plans for the day and ask Him to lead you on this day. Turning a 10-minute car ride into a 10-minute chat with God will do wonders for your day.  I used to talk to myself in the car (don't judge me!) until I realized that a better idea would be to talk to God instead. While it's not as intimate as my night-time or morning prayers are, it's still my time to connect with God on a more personal level - outside of thanking Him and asking for things. I tell Him what I hope to accomplish in the day, I tell Him what type of mood I'm going for the day and I even tell Him what workout I hope to do. God desires that type of connection, and being on-the-go helps me talk to Him outside of a "spiritual voice".

4. Create a routine. Much like your morning routine - when you get up, brush your teeth, comb your hair, then pee (in that order!) - creating a prayer routine will certainly get you well on your way to a flourishing prayer life. You'll follow this routine day in and day out, because the structure helps you flow better, and adding prayer into your routine will ensure that it actually gets done. Before I even think to get out of bed, I say my morning prayer, then again when I get in the car. At night, I start my prayers during the time I use to lock up my apartment and cut off all the lights. That way when I get in the bed and turn on my night-time shows, I don't get too consumed to forget. My routine not only helps me remember, but it ensures that I never miss a beat...or a prayer!

5. Make it a habit. It takes 19-21 days of repetitive behavior to make that behavior a habit. Designate prayer time in your schedule, jot down your prayer list and follow your prayer routine for the next 19-21 days and see how easy it is to keep going. You'll get to a point where it won't even be a second thought, you'll just start doing it. I've gotten so habitual with my prayer, that now I don't only pray in the morning and at night, but I pray when the thought of someone randomly crosses my mind, I pray when my emotions are about to go haywire and I pray when I feel a change in my spirit. I even pray over my apartment when people come and go. Y'all aren't gonna drop off any bad energy in my living room and let it stay. Nope! Seriously though, the act of praying gets much easier and becomes second nature once you make it a habit. And that's the goal - talk to God as frequently as you talk to your other loved ones. He certainly deserves it. 

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