QUEEN UNVEILED: Lauren C. Williams



Lauren grew up in a four person household, comprised of both parents and an older brother. In 2008, however, that household lost one member, when her only sibling and other half, big brother Lance Williams unexpectedly passed away at the young age of 24. Lauren was 19 years old. She dedicated her Bachelor's Degree to him, as she walked proudly across the Morgan State University stage, with an ode to him gracing her graduation cap. 

She was forced to do the same a few years later, for her mother, as she watched her take her last breath in 2014, after a long battle with cancer. Lauren's Master's Degree was dedicated to her "Pat Wat". 

While gut-wrenching to experience, Lauren held onto her faith tighter than anyone I know - acknowledging her family's strong spiritual foundation as the moving force in her faithfulness to Christ. 

"I often laugh because despite losing my brother at 19 and watching my mother swindle in and out of remission with bilateral breast cancer for 9 years, I don't understand how people get through without God. I honestly don't know where I'd be without Him. The feeling of joy that fills your soul when you no longer have to hear about the goodness of God from relatives, but you know Him for yourself, is like no other." 

Lauren's motivation to press on comes from the memories of her brother and mother, who always taught her to thrive. Dedicating herself to traveling as a pact she made with herself since the death of her brother to "live" instead of exist, Lauren has traveled to 15 countries and 6 continents, so far. Lauren finds joy in immersing herself in different cultures and seeing the world. In her most recent travels, Lauren adopted two Kenyan children and helps them with necessary expenses and the nurturing children so desperately need. 

Lauren, alongside her parents, launched The Christoph Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that serves as a vehicle to perpetuate the memory of her brother's athletic and educational legacy. They also established The Lance C. Williams Scholarship which provides scholarships to deserving college-bound males who have succeeded academically and athletically in their high school environments.  

She also started a website, TraveLauren.com, to give family and friends access into her flourishing life of travel - with hopes of it catapulting into an international brand. And she has customized TraveLauren pens that write beautifully! Lauren is currently looking to work abroad, and is finding new countries to visit. Her next vacation, will be a cruise around Europe. 

When asked what advice she'd give to women going through rough patches, she said: 

"Pray! It's honestly that simple. When I lost my brother all I could think about was I'm functioning; and that's God! I was able to remain in school out-of-state and graduate on time. I see these moments as small victories that I received by God's glory and constant prayer."

Despite losing two of the most instrumental people in her life - before her life even truly began - Lauren was/is determined to live beyond her circumstance. She became a fighter, a faith-warrior and certainly a QUEEN UNVEILED. 

Thank you Lauren for allowing DEAR QUEENS to share your story

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