The First Step to Reaching Your Dreams


I watched this cursor blink with nothing coming from it, for hours. I sat here as if the words were going to magically appear on the page. I sat down, stood up, ate, drove, poured a few glasses of wine, and still...nothing. I exited out of my browser, started over with a new one, opened multiple windows and perused through Facebook a few times over there last few hours, uncertain as to how I'm going to start this post, how I want to start this post, of if I'm going to start it at all. I realized that in itself is indicative of the very thing I plan to address. 

It seems as though we - myself included - spend much more time dreaming than we do implementing. We spend hours partnering our passions with our professional pursuits, hoping they align. We tailor our job descriptions to fit what we really want to do, with hopes that our current place in life has a purpose that matches. 

We spend hours partnering what we should be doing with what we love doing. We try to find a brilliant way to mix our passion with our professional expertise. Some of us are fortunate enough to do it; we're fortunate enough to figure it out and make it work for us. The rest...the rest of us are stuck being average. 

We're stuck dreaming, still. But, differently. As if our dreams alone are what gets us to our intended destination. We hope and pray, like that alone is what will make our dreams manifest into the reality we're living. The reality in which we're punching a clock day in and day out, to punch keyboard keys. The reality of which we're stuck behind computer screens or factory lines just to be able to pay our bills. The reality of which our current jobs are not where we hope to be in our lives. The reality many of us, at times, so desperately hope to escape. 

We sit and contemplate taking action. We see ourselves making it - whatever that may mean to you - and envision ourselves in positions far greater than the ones we currently hold. We want more. We dream of more. Yet we hesitate doing the things that allow us to get more. We have these elaborate plans and strategies, that we are just too fearful, nervous and doubtful to act on. We know what we want to do, we know how we have to do it, but somewhere we get lost. 

Somewhere we fall short and sleep alongside complacency for another night. 

The first step to achieving whatever is it you've been dreaming of is to do it. Do it without hesitation and with your head as high in the clouds as your dreams. Do it with the same passion you dream with.

Whatever it is you're dying to do, do it! Whatever it is you're sitting on, do it! Whatever dreams or visions you haven't yet implemented, do it! Whatever ideas and plans you're hoping to launch but haven't started working on, do it!  

Nothing will ever get done if all you're doing is thinking about it. Faith without works is dead!

So, start. Make that first move, send that first e-mail or make the first phone call. Launch your first website, write the first sentence in your book or schedule your first photo-shoot. 

You have mighty things brewing inside of you and all that's needed is the guts to go for it. The umph to jump on it. The fearlessness to fight for it. 

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step." TAKE IT. 

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