Lessons from a 9 to 5


Yesterday, I worked my last 7 hours at the place I've been reporting to for the past two years. The place that swept me from my disastrous place of employment beforehand, then quickly became the disastrous place of employment. My co-worker and I sat in the conference room and recollected on our professional journey in the office, and how drastically things have changed. We discussed the rising tensions and hypothesized how far it would go. But most importantly, we discussed the many lessons that screamed to us within those office doors. We recalled the many challenges we endured and all the knowledge we took from those moments. Some of these may be worth individual blog posts. When they're written, they'll be linked.

Trust God's timing.
Your co-workers are not your friends; they're your co-workers.
People have deep-rooted issues; it's not your fault.
Be an active learner.
"To thine own self be true" has a whole new meaning. 
Where two or more gather, there is He.  
Don't lose yourself amidst the chaos.
What's yours will be for you.
If you must do it, go hard!
Learn politics; perfect your diplomacy.
Pray, hard! Without ceasing!
"Turn up" music is all you need for a good day.
Positive affirmations help, too!
Learn people's habits, and appreciate their consistency - even if their behavior is less than admirable.
Be effective, always.
It's not their fault.
Be open and communicative. 
Ask for what you want/deserve. 
Don't take [the troubles from] work home. 
Keep growing. When you stop growing, you die - even if you are still alive.

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