You Have to Lose to Win


It's like gambling; only the chance you're taking, this time, is on yourself. You're not putting money on red, or betting more for an extra hit. You're not pulling the lever trying to match three numbers or trying to find which cup the ball is under. This time, it's you you're betting on. It's your knowledge, your resources, your passion. It's the acknowledgement of your ability and dedication to make it happen - despite what will happen. 

Because you will lose. 

You will fall flat on your face and bruise your ego a bit. Your pride will get trampled over and you will hit a slump. You'll feel hopeless and run out of ideas. You won't always be excited and fulfilled. You won't always feel strategic and on the come-up. Sometimes, you won't even want to come-up. You'll want to sit in silence and give up. You'll want to have a simple life, instead - forget the one you longed dreamed of. You'll want to snatch your chips right off the table and go straight home. Don't pass Go; don't collect $200.

You won't always win at Russian Roulette.  

But you have to lose to win. You have to fall on your face to learn how to get back up. To be equipped with the strength that you can get back up. To recognize the fact that you will get back up. Nothing is ever perfect on your first go 'round. It goes through a process. A process of pain and exhaustion and ideas and innovation and failure and evaluation and overcoming. A process of defeat and humility and trial and triumph and victory and excitement and new beginnings; new phases. A process of growth and ambition and determination. A process of renewing and restoration. A process you very much need to be the force you see yourself becoming. 

You won't always win at the slots. 

I'm sure that's not what you came to an 'inspirational' 'motivational' 'ministry' blog - or however else you categorize DEAR QUEENS - to read. I'm sure the last thing you wanted to do was talk about how much you will fail before you succeed. The point, that I hope you caught, is that you will succeed. That you will make it. That you will overcome and conquer. You will achieve. You will finish. You will do. And, you will pass Go and collect $200. 

There's a process to doing so. It won't just happen. You won't not fall. You won't not lose some of your chips in the beginning. You will. Shoot, you might lose all your chips in this process; and some of your sanity too. But you will win. Because, you have to lose to win. You have to reside in darkness to appreciate light. You have to know what people hate to learn what people like.

You'll probably never win big on a scratch off. 

But you are to keep trying. Keep pushing. Stay focused on the prize and take a step closer to it every day. No matter how big or small, no matter how fast or slow - keep going! Keep walking. Your failure is not final unless you make it so. You determine when you'll stop going after your happiness; peace; passion; purpose; love and light. You determine when you'll stop. You have the option to continue, to work a little harder and fight a little longer. You have the option to continue climbing the ladder rungs you just fell from.
Because you will win at life; as long as you keep pursuing it. 

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