25 Things That Happened in My 25th Year That Will Shape the Rest of My Life


Today is my 26th birthday. This time last year I was at a layover in Wisconsin, on my way back from Vegas. Vegas, the best trip I've ever taken in my life. A trip of love, laughs and libations. (I've been delivert, since!) A lot has changed since last year, though, as it rightfully should have. This list serves to commemorate those changes. To highlight the moments presented, that will shape the rest of my life. To acknowledge the blessings God decided to sprinkle upon me, as I continue to walk with Him.

1. Landed my first job in my field; begun my career.
2. Launched DEAR QUEENS.
3. Started my first book project (and drafted 2 others).
4. Created a curriculum for speaking engagements; because in next year's list, you'll read that I've done speaking engagements.
5. Established 3 sources of income, but dropped one.
6. Broke free from professional bondage.
7. Broke free from financial bondage.
8. Moved into my first place alone; and mustered up the courage to kill bugs.
9. Worked on love + dating - of which I've been succeeding.
10. Cleaned my closet - ended dead relationships, let go of past hurt and unloaded the burdens of bad attitudes and broken promises.
11. Adobe Creative Suite that respectfully (and FREEly) fell into my lap.
12. Became a renowned chef, because I've never loved cooking more than I do now.
13. Got the big booty I've longed for since I was 19. Next year I hope to give it back.
14. Found out who I'm going to marry - seriously. God's voice is so distinctive; and His promises so true.
15. Became unapologetically me, and found comfort in that.
16. Took control of my life.
17. Met Delmonico steak for the first time; and became best friends with it.
18. Improved my food palette - hence my new booty.
19. Found strength in my vulnerability
20. Humbly and graciously praised and worshipped in a public space for the first time. It was freeing.
21. Finally believed myself when I screamed "I don't care what they think".
22. Stopped looking to become what they wanted me to be, and started becoming who God created me to be. This is one of my favorites, as in past years I lived to pursue only the things that made sense to others. This year, I pursued a purpose that barely even made sense to me. I learned that happens often when you follow God.
23. Co-wrote a song, kind of. I still want my royalties! 
24. Fought for what I wanted instead of being afraid and letting it go.

25. Been perfectly loved through my imperfections; and felt that love through the good times and bad.

This has been a progressive year in many ways - some tangibly and others not so much. I'm grateful for all the things I've accomplished and have been introduced to in these past 365 days; I'm excited to see what the next 365 have to offer. (Other than me paying for my own medical insurance, of course. SAD FACE)

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