Birthing Your Purpose, A Lesson from Mary


Imagine growing up with your morals intact. You (seemingly) have a spotless record, and you’ve been working hard to maintain that. You’re educated, well behaved, no run-ins with the law, humble, kind hearted, loving and a virgin. You’re also engaged. You’ve found the one God intended for you to spend your life with and you’re not only excited to marry him, but you’re excited that you were able to maintain your purity for him; that’s no easy feat.

Now imagine you’re at home one day, doing your laundry or reading, or whatever you do during your quiet moments alone and you hear a still small voice – a tiny whisper, perhaps – that tells you you’re pregnant. Of course this seems ridiculous considering you’ve never had sex – and everyone knows you need sex in order to have a baby.

So you’re baffled. Probably a little nervous. Maybe even sweating by now. The voice tells you that you’re pregnant and that you are to have, deliver and name this baby. It seems as though you have no control over this unborn child that you have no idea about.

Imagine having to explain this to your fiancee, family and friends. Imagine the rumors that may circulate about the supposed virgin being pregnant. Imagine how appalled people will be when they find out your fiancee truly hasn’t had sex. You’d have to have cheated, right? In an instant, you’ve become a cheater and a whore, when truly you’ve done everything right.

Let me introduce you to Mary…

“The Virgin Mary” – as she’s most affectionately known – lived a seemingly modest life and was preparing to marry Joseph, when she was visited by an angel who told her she would have a child, and she was to name that child Jesus. Mary, who had maintained her virginity until marriage, was preparing to marry a noble man and was now forced to deal with a pregnancy that she had no control of – and no role in. A pregnancy and perceived immorality that she fought temptation to avoid.

How would she explain to anyone that she was pregnant but hadn’t had sex? How would anyone truly believe her? What would Joseph think? What would this mean for her purity? What would this mean for her reputation? How would this affect her forthcoming role as a wife? How the heck was she going to handle all of this?!

What Mary probably wanted to say “no” to, she didn’t. She accepted it. She ignored the many questions she probably had roaring in her head, took the message and simply obeyed. She trusted God’s plan enough to obey without contest. She didn’t need answers, she simply needed God.

This visit from the angel forced her to be uncomfortable, uncertain and possibly even scared. But regardless she said yes. She opened herself up to whatever God was preparing in her life – although at the time seeming to be more of a burden than anything else. Despite whatever backlash she would receive, Mary accepted her mission. She thought beyond herself and took on a new responsibility. Mary was pregnant.

As crazy it may have been to her, she remained obedient and trusted God’s plan. She let Him use her far beyond her own understanding. God gave her that divine purpose and Mary was determined to deliver – literally. She birthed her baby and named Him Jesus, as ordered.

Mary’s obedience saved the world; her obedience is constantly saving our souls. Her unwavering trust in God and His purpose, comforted her enough to accept this new role as a virgin mother She was willing to risk the well-being of her future marriage and her reputation, to fulfill the purpose God called her to – a purpose that, had she said no to, could have changed where we stand today. Mary trusted God and what He planned to do in her life enough to obey and accept the word given to her.

You say you’re ready to be used, you’re ready to dive into your purpose, but how is your obedience? Because when it’s time to give birth, you can’t back out. You can’t turn back and you can’t say no. When it’s time to give birth, you have to think beyond yourself and commit to God’s will.

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