There's a Letter in the Mail


God prepared me so beautifully. He placed me carefully in a bright pink envelope with an address I wasn't aware of. He filled the 8.5 x 11 envelope with equally as charismatic contents - text with bold letters and colorful fonts. They were placed alongside a love note written on soft paper and scribed in cursive. He drafted my story softly on that paper with a black ink pen. It was soft, feminine and graceful. 

He enclosed pieces of me in the envelope. Random pieces. Pieces I had long forgotten about. He collected them all, paper clipped them together and double checked to make sure they were all there. Some pieces were rough drafts and others were finals. Some pieces were "manual" styled guides and others were instructions. He left nothing out. 

He sealed the envelope, sprayed it with my Chanel Chance perfume and put it in the mail. He didn't rush deliver it like I thought he would; like I wished He would. See, the weather was iffy around this time of the year. It was almost spring but not quite. The weather drifted between sunny days, thunderstorms and blizzards. I knew the pretty pink envelope He placed me in would get ruined somehow. I didn't want it sitting at the post office too long or be in transit too long. I didn't know where I was going, but I knew I wanted to get there. I was nervous. But at that point it wasn't my business. The envelope was sent and would take however long it needed to to get there. 

On the other side, he was putting finishing touches on a mailbox. It was to a location I'd never noticed before - although I may have seen it a few times. He just finished painting it black. Once that dried, He carefully placed the numbers alongside the bottom. This box had a key and two lids. The first lid could be lifted by anyone. It was the lid the mailman, family and strangers used to fill the mailbox. The second lid had a small opening for the mail; they couldn't lift that without a key. I suppose this was to keep the mailman and other intruders from going into the box and taking what doesn't belong to them. Protecting the recipient from have prized possessions stolen, like that pretty pink envelope.

I noticed the numbers God placed on the bottom of the mailbox matched the numbers that the pretty pink envelope was addressed to. It was interesting to see God took as good care of the receiver, as He did what was to be received. The mailbox before the makeover had been through the same inclement weather that the letter was going through to get there. God wouldn't allow his precious package to arrive to a rugged mailbox, and He certainly wasn't going to let the letter arrive before the mailbox was revamped and revived.

God did not send the package a day too soon or one too late. The whole thing was done perfectly in sync. The slit on the second lid of the mailbox and the size of the mailbox were concise enough that only the bright pink envelope would fit. It was perfect. No sooner than the mailbox's finishing touches were complete - including a last minute spit & shine - the envelope arrived. The top of the mailbox was left open so when Mr. 1024 arrived home he wouldn't miss the bright color illuminating the dark box. 

He used his key to unlock the box with the pretty pink envelope. It was little damp and run down from the weather, as expected, but it didn't stop him from carrying it into the house. The contents were still very well put together on the inside. The letter still written beautifully in cursive with a black ink pen and the contents still paper clipped together. I noticed when the recipient removed the contents, the first note written was "take care of her".

It was me he was referring to. It was my love God was shipping off to the strange address. It was the receipt of my love God was preparing the malebox for. It was all for me. For we. For us. It was all for His glory. For His purpose. In His timing. The no rush delivery, the pink packaging, the locked box with the small slit in the second lid that only fit my envelope. Everything was carefully prepared, carefully primped and carefully protected for the love. Our love. God's love. 

That letter was framed and put on a showcase in the living room. It's read everyday. Contents of the package are spread throughout the house as reminders of what God given love looks like; carefully prepared, packaged and probably ran through a little storm. The two people, us I suppose. We are creating our own package. A package of gratitude and gratefulness for God connecting the two. This package will be filled with Bible scriptures, screenshotted text messages and plenty of iPhone pictures. It'll be filled with the things that sustained us, and will be as carefully prepared as the original package was - the original contents with my love and my story. We're also working on writing a letter in cursive, on nice soft paper with a black inked pen. And when God first opens the envelope, He'll read "I took care of her".

Perhaps you're the letter that's in the mail. You've been carefully prepared and packaged and right now you're weathering the remaining storms. You're almost at the address, but you don't want to get there too soon - when the mailbox is still wet. That would ruin your pretty envelope. Don't rush USPS. You'll get there at the right time. You won't have to sit in the box long or convince the recipient to open you. When all is right, when all contents are complete and the mailbox's finishing touches are done, you'll get there. And it'll be the coziest, warmest, most welcoming mailbox you've ever been delivered to. It'll be a perfect fit for you both, and there won't be any room for any other clutter or imitation pink envelopes to enter. Enjoy the delivery, Queen. Your tracking will soon say "delivered". 

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