Let Change Change You


A few weeks ago I sent out inspiration about the importance of embracing life's changes (check it out, here). I've been sitting on this post since then.

I've been thinking about how I can write something to punch you in the gut. Or perhaps provide a love tap of reality. Something that'd remind you that life can be cruel if you don't grab it up yourself. Something simple and quick. Something short and sweet. Something 500 words or less, for the readers on-the-go. I suppose this is my attempt at that. 

Change will happen and you can't change that. It'll swoop in and get you before you even realize what happened. It'll be uncomfortable, unsettling and relentless. But instead of fighting it, I urge you to let change, change you.

Yes. Let change, change you. Let it rip you a new one. Let it wreck you. Let it ruin you. Let it ransack your bedroom and the files on your computer. Let it rain on your parade. Let it chew you up and spit you out. Let change shake things up a bit. Let it grab you from your couch of comfortability and make you completely uncomfortable. Let it stir the pot. Let it strap you to an anchor and throw you in the water. Let it shift your life. Let it rip you to the core. Let it sting. Let it burn. Let it hurt. 

Let it flip you upside down, then right side up. Because when you come out of it - when you grab on to the side of the mountain to pull yourself up - you'll be so refreshed. Restored. Rejuvenated. Remodeled. Refined. Reinvented. You'll have a story to tell. A great story. A story of triumph and victory. A story of your battle. A story of your dedication. You'll have moments to refer back to when you get ready to encourage someone else. You'll have life to share with someone else. An old life in the form of stories, and a new life in the form of restoration.
Let change, change you. Don't run from it. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Edify in it. Eat with it at the dinner table. Invite it to your girl's night outs. Let it in your inner circle. Include it in your group messages. Hang it up in your closet. Sleep with it at night. Let it come into your space and reorganize it all. 

Let change, change you. Because it will anyway, and you could choose to painfully go against its winds, or you can sail along with it. 

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