My Gift, Your Gift


I typed until my fingers hurt. Until page 15 turned to page 45. Until my stomach started growling reminding me that I hadn't eaten in 6 hours. I was in so deep and had no interest in stopping. Not even my blistered fingertips and empty stomach could stop me.

I labeled the table of contents, checked my references for the hundredth time, literally, and saved my document. Satisfied with my work I noticed that research wasn't the only thing I was good at - writing was. While it's always been a hobby of mine, it wasn't until the completion of my 116-page thesis that I realized I was good at it. I realized I was passionate about it. I realized it was a gift. 

My gift, your gift. 

I was always told the best gift is to give, and as I took a wild dive into my purpose at the same time I was writing my thesis, I realized that was for the use of someone else too. My research, my findings were all to help someone else. Someone who's work relied on my conclusions. I learned before fully entering the real world that whatever I'm to do, I should give back. My work should be meaningful to someone other than myself. I should impact someone's life; make it easier somehow. Back then I had no idea how that'd be possible, but now it's more evident than ever. 

My gift, your gift. 

I used writing as that give-back. I used it to provide tips for people to make life easier. I used it to create content and draft newsletters for others. Then I tapped into God's purpose for my life, and began using it to empower. To uplift. To restore. To help. To highlight. To express. To inspire. 

So while my gift is writing, my gift to you are these words. The ones that share some stories and some encouragement. The ones that spew some realness. The ones that give you full access to my life and my truth. The ones that help you tap into your own truth. The ones that serve to explain how you feel when you can't muster up your own [words]. The ones that help express those feelings to someone else. The ones that are inspiring, loving and nurturing. The ones that hopefully force you become a better woman by identifying your true queendom. 

I typed until my fingers hurt. Until post 17 turned to post 95. My thesis is done, but my purpose is just beginning. 

And that is my gift to you. 
The above is written in support of All The Many Layers' #30Layers30Days writing challenge. 

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