The Next Puzzle Piece


The next puzzle piece will be the weird one. The one with 4 outputs and only 1 input. It's going to be a piece that doesn't even fit this puzzle. A piece that'll have to be forcefully placed next to the piece that seems to match closest. It'll be the one bright piece. The piece that isn't even shown on the front of the box. 

It'll be the piece that doesn't even make sense. The piece that must've accidentally been put in the box. It'll be a loner piece. An individual piece. It'll be the piece I hold onto closest because it'll indicate another puzzle is somewhere. It'll mean that the gloomy storm puzzle sitting on my table isn't the only one available. It'll mean that there's one with vibrant colors and a sunshine. The next puzzle piece will be the most important one. It'll be the one that starts the next puzzle. The one that'll connect all the other brighter pieces together. It'll be the piece that starts my next chapter. 

Life is made up of infinite pieces. Pieces we avoid picking up. Pieces we'd much rather leave in the box, or leave spread across the table. Pieces we'd prefer to walk by without acknowledging; without finishing. But when you find that one bright piece, that one happy piece, that one piece that offers a ray of light and a sense of hope, you hold onto it. You hold onto that piece until the other ones like it follow. You hold on to that piece and anticipate the other equally bright pieces to come along. Because not all puzzles are dark and gloomy, and not all of its pieces are either. 

I suppose I'll go place this last piece into this gloomy puzzle, clear it from my table and check under the sofa for the next piece. The happy piece. The piece that'll start the next puzzle of prosperity. 

The next puzzle piece is around here somewhere - I just know it. 

The above is written in support of All The Many Layers' #30Layers30Days writing challenge. 

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