Embrace the Journey


I was sitting backwards on the Metro North train, heading from Harlem to Bridgeport after last month's BLOGSGIVING brunch.


I usually avoid the backward facing seats. I like to see where I'm going, as I look ahead out of the window. I like to see the speed at which we're traveling and peaking at what's upcoming. I love to see the next stops and the people that plan to board. I love to see ahead. Always.

usually opt for the front facing seats, but this time, I wasn't in the mood to search. I grabbed the first empty seat I seen and sat down. Luckily sitting backwards didn't make me as anxious as it usually does. Instead, it caused me to be reflective. 

For once, my eyes didn't arrive somewhere before I did. My mind couldn't rush me to a destination I couldn't yet see. I wasn't anticipating the arrival of the next station; instead I was enjoying the ride. I was taking in all the bumps, dips and shifts. I was enjoying the scent of the perfumes around me. I was enjoying me, myself, and the lady that insisted on chatting with me about the conductor's behavior.

This train ride was reminiscent of the level of patience I often neglect. I'm always looking forward; ahead. I always want to see whats ahead of me. My mind always wants to get to the next destination before I physically arrive. I'm so focused on looking ahead, I ignore what's around me. I neglect the things that are happening in the right now. I forget to indulge in those moments. I forget to dive in to those moments. I forget to enjoy those moments.

I'm so focused on arriving, that I miss everything in between. I miss the conversations with strangers and how they turn into new friendships. I miss the beautiful views from the scenic route. I miss smelling the cologne, perfume and dandelions. I miss everything that's happening around me - and even to me - rushing to a destination which I'm not yet ready to arrive.

The first pep talk I gave myself when launching my blog was to "embrace the journey". I wanted to enjoy every lesson, triumph and downfall I may encounter. I wanted to work patiently, and to not be too hard on myself; everything will happen in the time it's supposed to. I firmly believe that. I believe that nothing will come if I am not ready for it, and that I should enjoy the process of preparation.

Riding the train, backwards, allowed me to focus on something other than getting there. It forced me to reflect on where I'm going, appreciate the route I'm taking and to enjoy every moment of the ride. Because this journey is far too fulfilling to rush through. 
What beauty might you be missing, rushing to your desired destination? What rays of light are you forgetting to enjoy en route to this place? What part of your this travel are you ignoring? Whatever it is, I hope you, like me, ride the train backwards to appreciate the beauty of the journey. 

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