Words Don't Always Have to Hurt


"Be encouraged beautiful. You got it!"

Those were all the words I needed, to pry myself from bed and tackle another chapter. They were the words I used to push me to write harder and type quicker. They were the words I reiterated to myself until I believed them. They were the words sent to me about 5 minutes before I began typing this post.

Admittedly, they're the words many of us need to hear when encouraging ourselves stops working. So for those of you who've been waiting to hear them - or words similar - here they are. In different variations. For your differing trials. To get you to great triumphs. Be encouraged. You got it.

Don't give up. Rain always hits hardest toward the eye of the storm. But when the only way out, is through, the dreadful eye of the storm gets you closer to the end. You're close, queen. You're almost there. And as you're suffocating through those high winds and that merciless lightening, I see you. I see you from the other side making it through. Bursting through that storm with your high beams on and windshield wipers on full speed. You have a few more miles to go. You're a few more chapters, sentences, words away...You're a few more semesters, dollars and assignments away...You're only a few more projects, long days, late nights away...A few more hours...paychecks...meetings away...Only a few more upsets, screams and yells away from your breakthrough. But you have to break-through. So don't stop. Keep going. I see you.

Your gift is amazing. Use it! Stop hiding behind the words and work of others. Stop signing your inspiring tweets "anonymous" as if the stories you tell aren't your own. As if the life that spills onto this digital space isn't yours. As if you're ashamed of your truth. Dig into it! Feast in it! It's lovely. And the way you choose to tell it is lovely too. Your gift is amazing. Your words, art, voice, photos, music, poems, campaigns, hashtags, articles are amazing. Your story is amazing. And you deserve to tell it from the mountaintop if you choose to. You deserve to make people sick with your reenactments and your "after the hurricane" memories. You deserve to share it in your way, on your space. No matter who disagrees with it, or dislikes it - own it. Use it. Your gift is amazing.

You can do it. You can do it all. You can strap up your boots and tackle everything you set out to. You can make it through everything that you believe you can, for as long as you believe you can. They can't give you that power and they damn sure can't take it away. That's all you. All the time. Continue to believe in yourself. As much as you did when you first started blogging, or branding, or believing. Believe in yourself as much as you did when you first dropped your mixtape, or album; when you first signed your deal. Believe in yourself as much as you did when you first got that job, first signed that contract, or first started your own business. The new level you're on brings new devils, but honey he can't snatch it from you. He can't snatch your work ethic nor your power. You own that. When I tell you you can do it, you can. But that power only exists for as long as you believe it. I'll believe in you forever - I hope you believe that long, too.

You won't always be here. This dark place. This frustrating place. This place of destruction and unhappiness. It's temporary. Like the storm, you're just passing through. This is just part of the journey. A quick pass through. There's an end to every tunnel, and yours is swiftly approaching. It won't always be like this, so find peace in knowing that it'll be over any day now.  

I love you. I'm proud of you. I support you. Because some of us don't hear those words often enough. When your family doesn't understand why you'd prefer to forge your own way instead of rotting away at a 9 to 5. When they don't understand why you'd choose to be a "struggle artist" than secure in a full-time job. When they don't get why you choose to share your pain with strangers. I love you, I'm proud of you and I support you. Because you're doing life your way. You're owning it on your terms. You're creating a life - and a you - that you'd be proud of. I admire that bravery. That dedication. That commitment. I admire that strength. That drive. That vision. And when no one else understands or gets it, just know that I love you, I'm proud of you and I support you.

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