5 Hidden Gems from Year One


I never thought that in inspiring others, I'd inspire myself. In the moment I was writing for you - my reader. To encourage you out of whatever pit you may have fallen into. To get you out of your funk and to remind you that there is far more to life than your right now. Interestingly enough, the words I used to pour into you, fed me months later. The words I hoped to restore your life, repaired mine; they tugged at my chords and tied together loose ends. These are just some of the gems that I needed to realize and/or release in order to be pushed to new heights.

"So don't let your abandoned road and the lonely climb deter you from what you truly desire. Don't let anyone else's inability to understand your vision or see your dreams pull you away. You'll be great no matter what. And while at some point it may just be you and God, you'll learn to be okay with that."from The Climb is Lonely  

"The beauty is that you get to choose what you do with this moment. You get to either wish it away, or while in it. You can decide whether to bask in its glory or quickly dismiss it. You can use this moment to heed its lessons, or use it to hope it'd pass as quickly as it arrived. The beauty is that this moment is yours and you could do with it what you please." from You'll Never Have This Moment Again

"I was stuck in the middle of the fire, hearing my yells echo against cement walls. I heard my sobs bounce around the space, tormenting me. I was in the middle of a 150 degree tunnel, with no air, and had no idea how much longer it'd be before I was rescued. What we often forget, though, is that the deeper you go into a tunnel, the closer you get to its exit." from There's An End to Every Tunnel

"Had I stayed away from boys like I was instructed to, I would've never had to hold onto God. I would've never had to reach for His hand in my darkness. I would've never had to cry out to Him for help. I would've never been covered by his grace. Had I never been peeled back to my core, I wouldn't have ever known what it was like to be brand new. To be re-assigned. To be made whole again. " from Boys Ain't Nothing But Trouble

"Don't hurt. Don't be afraid, and please don't seek comfort in the cocoon you intentionally outgrew as you sought to become a butterfly. Don't backtrack or regret any bit of the decisions you've made when you got your wings. Don't fester on the pain from the last time you fell - out of the sky, or in love. You're still a butterfly and you're still very able to fly. Even if you are only human." from Butterflies Don't Build Walls

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