If You Don't Want to Stay You Can Go


Life happens. Darkness falls.

Your room is abandoned but the house isn't. There are people in other rooms excited, jubilant and flourishing. You, your light is off. Perhaps the electricity in your room doesn't work. Perhaps whomever - or whatever - locked you in that room, cut it off and chose to hold you captive. It's as if the walls are closing in, the blinds won't open and there's only you in that room. You and darkness. You can't see not one ray of light, but you hear people playing in it. You hear their happiness outside of your boarded up bedroom door. You smell the flowers they've picked and laid outside your door, but you just can't muster up the strength to break through that door to get them. 

You're stuck in a dark place. A place that houses your secrets and shame. A place that causes you pain and unhappiness. A place that leaves your spirit uncomfortable and unsettled. A place where your walls are laced with regrets. A place with a welcome as disruptive as your past. A place where ridicule is heard yelling at you from the floor tiles. A place where torment is tapping from inside the closet, waiting to infiltrate your space in the small confines of that room. 
You're secluded in darkness, sitting in the center of a small space caged in by four walls, while everyone else is carrying on around you; and there seems to be absolutely no resolve.

Only, there is: if you don't want to stay you can go.

The choice is yours. The only person that caged you up is you. The only one that has you banging your head on the wall is you. The only one that found the nails to board up the door and the window, and block out the sun is you. You found yourself in bondage and decided to remain there. You closed the blinds, shut out the light and sat down. You decided to make yourself comfortable because you felt you deserved to be there. You felt bad for your mistake and decided that suffering would be your punishment. You felt that that was the only place for a person like you to be. So you went into your room, closed your door and isolated yourself. 

Now you're tired of that dark place you once considered home. You're tired of sorrow and regret beating you like a punching bag. You're tired of everyone else's illumination, and you want to create some of your own. 

If you don't want to stay, you can go. You can remove the boards from that door, open your blinds and let the sunshine in. You can sit there or you can get out. Smash the walls of your dark place and run toward the sun; THE LIGHT.

If you don't want to be in your dark place, you have the right to leave it. You have the right to exit left. You have the right to turn the lights on and find the closest door. Open the blinds and hop the heck out of that window.

You have the right to enter a better place, a more peaceful place. A happier place where love greets you at the door and passion provides your paycheck. You have the right to illuminate that dark room, gather your stuff and get out.

Life happens. It hits hard. It shows no mercy. But you don't have to sit there helpless. You have the chance to get up and get what you want. You have the power to push past what you're going through and pursue more. No matter how hard it may be. No matter how numb your legs have gotten from sitting in that place for so long, gather your bags and move on. Trash your fear, worry and anxiety on your way out. Make the decision to pack up the moving boxes and get the hell away from sadness, anger and discontent. Make the choice to get the heck out of dodge from the evil that's chasing you. The evil that's weighing you down. Make the decision that you no longer want to stay, and don't. Get out.

They turned on the lights, illuminated their room of lies, cleaned out their closet of secrets and shame, distinguished their kitchens of abuse and immorality and moved the hell on. Moved the hell out. Moved the hell up.

The choice is yours. It always has been. 

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