Putting Purpose into Perspective


You ever get a vision or thought about where your life's supposed to go, but wasn't sure where you got it? Not sure where it came from, but it looked more admirable than anything your thoughts could ever conceive?

She didn't know why or how, but she was confident in what she heard. She needn't ask, only obey. 

That was Mary. When she was visited by the angel and told that her virgin body was to birth Jesus. She had no idea why, and was nervous of what she'd tell her fiance. How would she explain to him that she was pregnant but hadn't had sex? How would she deal with the condemnation that would come of her 'mysterious' pregnancy. What would she do with the snickers and judgment that will not consume her life? 

All because God gave her a purpose. 

There is a purpose with your name on it that you must give birth to, despite your reservations and fears. There is something in this world that God has called you to do, and He is expecting you to do it. The gifts you've been provided with, are not for you to selfishly hold on to, they’re for you to provide something equally as magnificent to the world. You are to birth something amazing, touch a life, spread the gospel, share love, be expressive through art, create jobs, launch non-profits, or support those without support. There's a need for you! There's a need for something you provide. There is something within you that could change the world. But you first have to welcome that message.

You first have to listen to God and be willing to say yes - to be used. No matter how far-fetched you may think it is, or how many noses may turn up at you, you have to be open to God's direction. You have to be obedient. 

It won't be easy, great triumphs never are. You will hear the loud voices of nay-sayers and the soundwaves of negative feedback. You'll experience doors being slammed in your face, doubt from those you love most and a struggling bank account. You'll see nasty comments, read messy text messages and become fearful. You'll even mistreat yourself and try to back out. You'll tell God this isn't the right time and that you're not equipped enough to do this. Your whole life will be interrupted and you'll try desperately to get out of it, but you must remember it's beyond you.

You must be willing to say yes to God when that angel visits you with your assignment. You must be willing to sacrifice your comfort and contentment for something greater. You must be willing to take great leaps of faith and dive head first into what God has called you to do. You must be willing to put yourself after God and the people you were put here to serve. You must be willing to listen closely, fight hard, and do!

Mary was assigned to give birth to the Savior of the World. Had she said "no", where the heck would we be? Had she sent back that angel, who would have saved our souls? Who would've shed their blood? Although seemingly a burden, Mary's purpose was huge. It changed the entire world; yours will too. You have a purpose that's as severe. You have a purpose that's as meaningful. You have a purpose that will render someone saying "without you where the heck would I be?"

But you have to be willing to get pregnant and give birth. (Figuratively, of course.) 

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