This is Passion


This is passion. The gaze that falls upon you at first glance of your future.  It's the way your eyes glisten and begin to tear at what's to come —  as you stare into the eyes of your pursuit, both nervously and anxiously. It's the sweaty palms and the fluttering heartbeat. The feeling of sheer excitement and the reservations that hold you back from leaping into the arms of that vision. It's the sadness your heart feels about being locked behind bars on account of your fear, but the happiness it feels at the promises of tomorrow. 

It's the first conversation. The first sit down. The first cute-laugh. 

This is passion.  It's the butterflies in your stomach when you finally muster up the courage to retrieve what you've seen. To go get what's been waiting for you. It's the first story you share and the reason you share it. It's the comfortability of getting to know each other. It's the late night smiles and the playing-it-cool. It's the texts you send to friends sharing what you just experienced; sharing that "new thing" you've so desperately been praying for.

It's the next step, second base, and the way you sometimes rush to it. 

This is passion. The way your lip quivers every time you speak about it. The way your mind races every time you see it. The way your heart pounds every time you feel it. It's the sweat upon your brow; the sweat you leave there because it makes your passion appear more...passionate. It's the tossed covers, the clothes on the floor, the disheveled apartment. It's the soft music that keeps you focused, and your warm temperature from working so hard. 

It's sleepless nights and early mornings because being awake has become a better dream than sleep could ever provide. Because this has been the best reality you've ever experienced.

It's waking up with it  next to it — and smiling that it's still there. Still with you. And that it's still as refreshing as it was when you first felt it. Dreamt it. Went after it. 

This is passion. The burning in the pit of your stomach. The inability to eat at the thought of losing it. The crazy that glosses your eyes when you notice someone trying to take it from you. It's the reassurance that it's yours and the nurturing you provide to display your appreciation for it

This is passion. It's seeing your dreams flash before your eyes and living, breathing and loving it. It's the first base, second base and every one therafter. It's the first love feeling all over again; only this love is meant to last. This love is for you. For your legacy. For God. 

This is passion. This is purpose. This is why you're here. And if what I experienced during the planning of my first event was just a glimpse at what passion feels like, I want to keep it forever. 

So yes, this is passion. It's waking up delighted whether the sun is out or the rain is tapping against the windowsill. It's the fiery desire to do better, be better and feel better. It's sold out events, mastered tracks, the perfect manuscript, conceptual images, high ratings, increased downloads, tours, panels and forums, social media follows, art shows, launch parties, new releases and media relations. It's whatever you've ever wanted to do and the gifts you use to do it. 

It's smiling with excitement at visions of your purpose; revelations of why you were created. It's the breathtaking possibility of a grand future. A future you'd never imagine on your own. It's the way your eyes glisten and begin to tear at the realization that it is all possible. It's the butterflies in your stomach when you finally muster up the courage to retrieve what you've seen, as you begin on the path God laid before you. It's the way your lip quivers every time you talk about it. It's the sleepless nights and early mornings. It's the reassurance that it's yours. 

Because this is passion. This is purpose. And this is what you should want, forever. 

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