Make Me Your Miracle


Heavenly Father, 
We come before you tonight to ask for forgiveness of our sins. 
To ask that you continue to heal us and make us whole. To ask 
that you bless our family and friends and guide us all towards
the promises you made for our lives. We ask that you provide 
all that is ordained for us so we can serve you in mighty ways. 
Lastly, O Lord, we not only ask that you sprinkle your miracles 
upon us, but that you make us your miracle. In Jesus' Name. 

"Make us your miracle." What a mighty request. I think to myself often, how that must be. How it would feel to have my name listed in the church bulletin as a testimony of God's miracle. I belch it at the top of my lungs when Tasha Cobbs' sings the words "make me Your miracle" — I cry tears of what those words truly mean. 

What would it be like to be a miracle? While, obviously, imagining the deliverance and restoration we'd receive, I can't help but to place extra weight on what I'd be getting delivered from. What problem in my life would God's miraculous works be resolving? How long would I have cried and begged? How hard would I have to believe? 

Because when we ask to be the miracle – when we ask to be the example – we tend to ignore how low we'd have to get, for the miracle to really happen. How far from the miracle we'd have to be for it to be considered a miracle. How we'd have to be blind, deaf or dead. How we'd have to be bleeding and bruised. See, many of us want to be miracles from an already blessed state. We don't want to be drug through the mud and come up clean. We want to be clean and get cleaner. We forget that there's nothing miraculous about that come up. There's nothing miraculous about something we could do as humans. Nothing miraculous about going from one good job to another. While blessed, that's not miraculous. And with the request for a miracle, comes great responsibility.

True miracles – true works of God – are those that are evident of God's presence. Those that can't be questioned as anything other. Those that only God could create. Those are the ones we remember. Those are the ones that have the power to change our lives and the lives of those around us. Those are the ones likely to lead people to salvation and true belief. So if you want to be a miracle, you have to be willing to be talked about. To be low. To be down. And you have to trust Him enough to turn it all around, in His name.

We want to be miracles, but can't stand being the mess that requires one to occur. If you want to be an example, a true example of God's power, submit to Him. Be bloodied; be beaten; be crucified; endure. That's when you allow His miraculous works to occur.

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