Don't Live By Lists


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Lists are great. Lists are helpful. But lists are not all-inclusive.

We click those links because they interest us. They're easy to understand; they're simple, straight to the point and concise. And, we're hoping they provide guidance to our many questions regarding life and love. Those lists are quite possibly some of the quickest ways to get insight and inspiration

But lists cannot govern your life or tell you how to live it. Lists can't tell you how to become a grown woman or a more notable woman. Lists simply provide suggestions, and possibly just opinions, often times based on societal ideals. But those lists do not represent the diversity of the billions of people occupying their space on Earth. They do not and cannot tell you who you are, nor who you should become.

Sure, we all want to offer sound advice. We want to use our lives to encourage you in yours, but we cannot tell you how to live your life. We cannot tell you who you need to become in your life. We can merely make suggestions—skewed, subjective suggestions, but suggestions nonetheless.

Those lists are mere suggestions. No matter how frequently they portray themselves as truth. No matter how many comments agree with the content. No matter who wrote it and how much experience they have on the topic, that list is not your life, and your life does not have to be that list.

Because this is your life, love. Yours to live.
Yours to talk to God about. Yours to explore, and learn, and experience. Don't allow them—the spectators, nay-sayers, or keepers of the lists—to creep into your personal space and demand what you must do and who you must be. Don't allow them to tell you you're wrong, or that you can't do that. Don't allow their defeated thoughts to affect the way you believe. Don't allow their negativity to impact your hope. Don't let their bad-mouthing change the decisions you make. And don't allow their lists to dictate the type of woman you should  become.

It's your life. Yours to live with, and yours to create. Whether you choose to create it from a list or choose to create your own list. Live on your own terms—and your terms only. 

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