Spit Your Truth


I had a man tell me that if my ideals don't agree with his Facebook status, then I shouldn't comment. I had him tell me that my feminism is going to my head. I had him tell me that I need to tone it down, for the sake of myself and the men of which I'm letting down. I had this man, that has tagged me on Facebook posts many times before to solicit my personal opinion, tell me that my opinion doesn't matter. While I know he was merely in his feelings at the firmness of my opposing argument, thus saying whatever he felt would offend me, I didn't let his words deter me from speaking my truth.

As a woman of God, I have a duty to uphold my commitment to empower and inspires those around me. I have a responsibility to use my voice to incite internal change in myself and in others. And no matter how uncomfortable I make people in doing so, I refuse to be silenced. I refuse to keep my mouth closed to appease those who are uncomfortable with truth. With boldness. With bravery. 

See, the voice you have is meant to be used. It's meant to tell empowering stories of tragedy and triumph. It's meant to turn lifelessness to life lessons. It's meant to make daring declarations over doubtful situations. Your voice is meant to be heard, not silenced. 

You owe it to yourself to honor your truth. To share it as unapologetically as you so choose. To be the light in a room of darkness. To show your humanness through transparency and vulnerability. And to protect yourself against all the voices trying to silence yours. So the next time someone tries to shut you up for using your voice and expressing yourself; for fully utilizing your freedoms; for being the enlightened you that you've worked so hard to become, I urge you to continue. To continue to be bold and intentional in your search for self and purpose. To continue to be strategic in your storytelling. To continue to share the deepest parts of yourself. To continue to share facts and opine on topics that you're passionate about. To continue to uplift those around you, in spite of the attacks from those around them. To continue to shine bright and be graceful. To continue to write your disagreeing opinion on people's Facebook posts. To continue to allow your feminism to go to your head. To continue to be turned up and not toned down. 

Because Queen, no one can silence you or your beliefs—and they dang sure don't deserve the right to. 

So spit your truth. And use your voice. 

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