You Can't Stop Now


We walked into the empty office across from my desk, closed our eyes and prayed. My coworker had quite the scare and prayer was the only thing to calm her spirit. We prayed. She cried. And as she rushed to her destination I continued to pray.

As I sat at my desk I thought back to two weeks ago when I was yelling at God. When I was so sad and hurt and dare I say, damaged. I recalled six months ago when I was heartbroken. And then a year before then when I threatened to denounce my faith as I laid on my bathroom floor sobbing. 

These moments were no accident, they were all tests of my faith. Perhaps in those moments, I failed—terribly. But as I sat at my desk this day, still praying for my co-worker, I couldn't help but smile at the fact that no matter how much I wanted to, I didn't give up. That no matter how enticing the enemy made disobedience seem, I didn't submit to it. That at the end of all my angry shouts to God, I didn't give up on Him. 

See I can't give up. When I began this walk of faith, I wouldn’t have ever imagined being where I am today. Though it’s been a journey (and it honestly still is one) it has been truly amazing. With that said, however, there have been times where giving up has crossed my mind. Though I want to give up, I’m recently recognizing that I can’t. Not just because I’d be nothing without my faith (because let’s face it, I would), but because somewhere along this journey I became accountable for other people’s faith too. I became the person they go to for counsel (who the heck would’ve thought!). I became the person whose posts they read during life’s many struggles. I, somehow, became responsible for their spiritual growth just as much as mine. If I fail on this walk, then they do too. And that is too heavy a burden to bear.

I recognized as I took my co-worker into a side office to pray for the news she received, that I cannot give up or waste my time being mad at God, because there are more lives I need to touch; there are more people that need my light; and there are people’s salvation that needs to be protected. And I refuse to let any enemy—however carnal or spiritual—disrupt that important work.

I can say the same for you. There are people that rely on you. That need you. People whose lives wouldn't be the same if you never walked with God. If you never walked in your purpose. If you dropped everything and gave up. Their lives are too precious for you to stop now. They need your spiritual guidance, your fashion advice, and your branding services. They need your bright smile and hardy laughter. They need your wit and wisdom. There are people relying on you for many different reasons, at many different times, and no matter how exhausting this work may get, you just can't stop now. I will not let you stop now. 

So strap up your boots. Tie up your hair. And let's continue this walk...this fight...together. 

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