What Happens When You Rush


The sign read YIELD.
Cars decided to merge.

All of them. Willing to wrongfully merge into the on-ramp traffic from their YIELD lane - not yielding at all. Darting out in front of the cars that had the right-of-way. They chose not to follow instructions. They decided to take matters into their own hands.


It happens too often. Cars dangerously switching through lanes at 90 mph because the cars they find themselves behind are going too slow. The nerve of them to go the speed limit. All rushing to a destination that quite possibly isn't going anywhere. A destination they could make it to on time had they left a few minutes earlier. Or planned better. 

They're rushing. Everyone's rushing. Only to crash a few miles up the road. Only to spin out of control and hit a guardrail, or ram into the car of someone else who was dedicated to taking their own time. Drastically ruining the lives of everyone involved - all those connected to them - and never make it to the destination they were rushing to. This is often the case in car accidents.

This is often the case in our lives.

We're in such a rush, we choose to merge when life tells us to yield. Instead of stillness we forge our own way. We decide to create our own destiny when our God-given one seems to be taking too long. We veer off the right path into a path of our own. We make up our own rules, create our own fate, and speed 90 mph through the lanes, rushing to an assignment we weren't ready for. An assignment that wasn't ready for us. Then we either spin out and crash, or arrive and ruin it.

We rush because we think we're ready for something we're not. We reroute our path to something that wasn't even meant for us, just so we can have that of which we think we deserve. We refuse to be readied. We just want to get there. Forget the preparation. Forget (divine) order. Forget the process. Hell, forget the other cars on the on-ramp; the other lives our disobedience is destroying. We have places to get to, and clearly, we have chaos to cause. 

YIELD, the sign read.

I always yield when I must. I hope you begin to, ‘cause I’d hate to see you crash.

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