Days Like This


Today has been filled with unlimited naps. As if my dreams were an escape from a reality I didn't want to spend my Saturday experiencing. Days like this happen. They occur from time to time. We've all had, and will have, days like this. But we don't have to normalize them. We don't have to make sulking in sorrow an everyday habit. We don't have to make running from reality a common thing. We don't have to allow this pain to sit in our chests like some of us did today...or yesterday. Or the day before.

On days like this I want you to talk to yourself. Tell yourself all the good things you need to hear—whether you believe them or not. Repeat them to yourself. Speak them over yourself. Ignore the things that got you here, heartbroken and hellbent, and focus on where you hope to go. Where you will one day be. Eliminate the distractions. Eliminate the memories forcing you into this place. Think beyond your circumstance; think into the blessings of your future. 

On days like this I want you to lift your hands and bow down to your knees, praying to the unseen, all-powerful, author of life. I want you to feel comfortable letting the tears fall on your breast, unashamed of the emotions you're releasing. Unashamed of resting before God the pain you’ve been dealing with. I want you to lay down your burdens. Take them off your chest, your back, and put them at His feet. Lay them there – however that looks to you. Yell, shout, scream, cry. Allow God to comfort you. Allow God into your pain. On days like this, I want you to include Him. Let Him be there for you – even if you don’t like Him anymore.

On days like this I want you to lift your head and look toward the sun. Peak clear past the clouds, and pursue the brighter that lies ahead. I want you to step out for a moment and enjoy the fresh air, breathing a new life into your spirit. On days like this I want you to buy yourself flowers. Call yourself beautiful, and recognize that this is just one day of many. This will not be all of your days. Find the brightness. Shine a light in every dark space you have within. Open the blinds, get out of bed, and just stare at the sunshine. Let that light be prophetic for your life.

On days like this I want you to brew your tea, or pour your wine and be one with yourself, be real with yourself. I want you to channel your energy into something meaningful—whether it's art or a moment of self-discovery. I want you to seek yourself through this dark space, pull yourself out, and embrace her – embrace you. Be gentle with yourself. Be gentle with the things your spirit is enduring. Yes. Be gentle, and kind, and patient, and humble, and grateful, and open-minded, and focused, and loving. Nurture yourself. Nurture the other great things happening around you.

See days like this don't have to defeat you. They don't have to leave you bloodied on the bedroom floor. They don't have to keep you isolated in disappointment. They don't have to fill you with doubt. Because days like this happen. But it's how you come out of them that matters most. So, uplift yourself, say your prayer, seek that light. Take your nap. And breathe your air, sis. Because this day is almost through.

This post is part of Kimolee Eryn's April writing challenge, #AllWrite2017. For post prompts, click here.

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