Let Your Fire Burn


A spark starts inside of you. It's lit by your imagination and your untouched passions. Waiting for you to dive in, the fire spreads. To some it's frightening. The nerve of you—of anyone—to want a life that's unconventional. A life that's led by love and purpose. A life that's not clenching onto job security, but personal fulfillment. One that's focused on peace and joy. Happiness. Excitement. The flames of this fire house all these desires. 


The nerve of this spark to light up your insides. To set fire to your acceptance of mediocrity and force you outside of its four-by-four cell. The nerve of these flames to spread, ruining the life you let others create for you. The one that made your parents happy. The one that made the most sense. The one that everyone thought you'd follow. The nerve of this fire setting all that ablaze.

The nerve of this spark to spread like wildfire along the path your guidance counselors and college professors set before you. The one those personality tests forced you onto. The path most traveled. The path that's most secure. The nerve of this fire to destroy that path. To ruin everything in its way. To create a light that'll force you in the other direction—the one you were intended to go.

The nerve of this spark to inspire you to seek more. To unleash your desire to get more. The nerve of this flame to encourage you to forge your own way. To demand the life you deserve. To work for what you want. The nerve of this spark—the nerve of this fire—to interrupt your comfortability and rip you from your safe space.

Because safe isn't for everyone. It isn't for trailblazers. For visionaries. For believers. For change agents. Safe isn't for anyone with dreams larger than the world's ability to understand them. And it certainly isn't for those with a flame as grand as yours.

So for those of you with the spark lit within them. Those of you who're burning on the inside with ideas and possibility. Those of you tired of consuming the fumes and are ready to let greatness serve its purpose. Let that spark grow. Let that fire burn. Let it ignite every ounce of passion you've been hiding within. Let the flames fly from beneath your surface, into the world. Let it be that strong of an impact; that potent of a smell. Let the smoke seep into your every move, trailing behind you like you just beasted a masterpiece. Let the spark in your eye glisten every time you feel art, every time you write a piece, every time you create some magic, every time you set their path on fire and explore one of your own. One in the direction of your dreams.

Welcome this feeling—this fire—into the world every moment you get. Because this flame is your light, and someone in this world is relying on it. 

Your fire changes lives; don't extinguish it. 
This post is part of Kimolee Eryn's April writing challenge, #AllWrite2017. For post prompts, click here

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