5 Tips for Making it Through New


Starting something new can be nerve-wracking. Whether it's a new job, a new business endeavor, a new relationship, or new hair—it has the potential to make or break that moment in your life. Regardless of what change you're currently enduring, and what new thing you're pursuing, these 5 tips will help you make it through the transition to 'new'.

1. Be patient with yourself.

This is incredibly important as you learn new things. Whether it's a new work role or a new relationship, you must be patient with yourself during this process. Getting to know people, tasks, strategies, and emotions is hard work, and it doesn't happen overnight. Be patient—and kind—to yourself through it all.

2. Use your resources.

While it may seem like you're going through the transition alone, know that there are people around you willing to help. During this new period, take the opportunity to reach out to people (and find resources) that could help you. Whether it's the person who previously had your job, a fellow business owner, or your boyfriend's best friend, use the people around you to learn and grow in this new area—whatever it may be. (Also, find useful resources to help guide you on your new journey. There are tons of blogs, e-books, workshops, and community courses to help you in a variety of ways. Use them.)

3. Take your time.

This is a little different than being patient. This is about acknowledging the time it takes to form a new habit or create a new routine. You won't find the best route to your new job, immediately. You won't recognize the best business practice for you the first time. You won't know the best way to communicate with your partner in the first argument. These things take time, and when you acknowledge that, you allow yourself the space and freedom you need to form effective habits.

4. Be optimistic.

I know it's frightening that right now you don't know what you're doing, but be optimistic that you soon will. Be hopeful for what's to come in this new place/season of your life. Shine light in the darkness of this newness (and the discomfort it may bring). And have faith that no matter how rocky it gets, it will all work together for a larger purpose.

5. Enjoy the process.

There's a period in all things new that you're allowed to make mistakes. As much as you hate them, enjoy that time. Eff up. Have someone else fix it. Learn the lessons. Because in 6 months, you'll be looked at crazy for not knowing what you're doing. Enjoy this transition period, and get to know yourself through it. 

I know I missed some. What are some other tips you learned during your season of newness? 

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