One Day At A 200 Words


That's what I told myself to get through a challenging transition. "One day at a time," I'd repeat.
Partly because thinking about having to bear another day seems unbearable. Saying that everyday was the only way I was full of life enough to make it to the next day. The only way I could carry on.

I learned so much in that process, though. Lots about being kind and gentle with myself. Being loving and patient. Recognizing that on any day, at any hour, it's okay to cry. To sob uncontrollably. To just want to go to bed. Understanding that some days I won't want to end at all. Some days I may want to stay up late just so the great things from this now moment don't leave me. Some days I just want to hold onto forever. 

I learned the importance of digesting my emotions - both good and bad. Not rushing them off into the next day, or next month, but fully relishing in them. To accept them. To welcome them. To inhale them, and whatever pain they may originate from.

So often transition hurts so bad we want to hurry through it. We want to rush to be healed. We want to feel better fast. We want to hurry to deliverance. We look forward to brighter days, while missing the day we're in right now. We miss the chance at growth. At discomfort. At sowing. See in this hurt, in this pain, we must remember that everything has its time. And right now, is your time to endure. To feel. To learn. One day it won't be, but for now, absorb today.

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