4 Helpful Ways to Jumpstart Your Spirituality


Beginning your spiritual journey is no easy feat. Though rewarding, it's easy to go astray. Between being confused about what spirituality truly is (don't worry, I help you understand the true tea about spirituality, here), not understanding what God wants you to do, and doing the internal work that it takes to completely change your heart from its worldly conditioning, the whole process can be a bit overwhelming. I know; I've been there. In my journey, I've used the following tricks to help me secure my footing in this wild ride of spiritual development. Hopefully it helps you, too! 

Join a life group

When I began my journey, I was part of a spiritual development group that focused on spiritual principles of womanhood. Every 1st and 3rd Saturday we met and were taught things necessary to our growing in Christ. We were held accountable by the leader and each other. This group helped me think critically about The Word, and my positioning in the body of Christ. I was able to reach out to whomever may have more knowledge than me (at that time I had none), and get my questions answered. This is important when beginning your journey. It's the moment when you actually LEARN what it means to develop yourself spiritually. Having people to lend an ear, and advice, makes the journey a bit easier. It also helps you learn more than you could have on your own. 

Now, I participate in life groups through church. These are similar, but the structure is a bit different. At my life group we come together as sisters in Christ and share stories, testimonies, and encourage each other toward Christ-like living. While it's not as 'curriculum' heavy, it still helps develop us as women after God's own heart.

Read books

A lot of Christians encourage us to read the Bible when we first begin our journey; and while...duh!...many fail to acknowledge how challenging reading the Bible is - especially for first time explorers. Instead, I urge beginning saints to read books that focus on your identity as a Christian, your relationship with Christ, and books that help you dive into the content of the Bible (i.e study bibles). I just started becoming better at interpreting The Word, recently, and I've been on this journey for 5 years. It's hard to expect someone who's newly exploring spiritually to understand Biblical principles, without additional help. Especially considering that new things in the Bible strike us differently depending on where we are in our lives and our respective journeys.

A Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, is one of my favorite books of the genre. This was the first book I read when I began my pursuit, and changed how I viewed my life and presence on this earth. And quite honestly, without it, I'm not sure I'd be where I am in this journey. I refer this book to everyone who comes to me to begin this pursuit. I have a shelf full of other great reads, too. If you ever need a book recommendation, let me know. I got you, sis!

Start small

It's admirable to want to dive in head first when we first obtain salvation. We want to cut out cussing, stop drinking liquor (even wine), pray long hours, fast for many days, and completely leave our old selves behind. While the desire to make such huge changes so swiftly can be exciting, it's the easiest way to get burned out. Much like dieting, when you start by focusing on everything you can't have/do, you start to regret the decision because it's so far from the life you were accustomed to. Spirituality - and spiritual development - is a lifetime activity. It is not a crash diet to help you grow in 20 days. It's a lifetime worth of focus, and dedication, and work. Because of this, I encourage everyone to take it slow, first. To start by spending 10 minutes with God, before jumping into all-night prayer services. To set realistic restrictions, not ones that will tire you out before you even begin. The further you grow in Christ, the more convicted you will be to live right; but that conviction will only come with consistency. After a while you will no longer have to write a list of things to not do, your spirit will remind you each day

Don't exhaust yourself too soon. Know that every bit of this process is a process, and rushing into it won't make it any easier.

Connect to a gospel song

This has helped me most when I grew weary or felt like quitting. Music is a gateway to my soul, and being intentional about what I choose to pour into my soul is incredibly helpful. Think about how you feel after listening to your favorite Trey Songz album - your carnal self is ready to send a late night text. Think about how much listening to Keyshia Cole after a breakup heightens your sadness. The same premise is true with Gospel music. What you listen to can (and typically does) affect your mood. It's why you get hyped up listening to the Bad Boy 20th Anniversary album on Apple Music (or is that just me?)

Choosing to fill your spirit with God music - especially during hard times - allows you to refocus your energy and emotions on what matters: God's goodness. Pick your favorite gospel song and listen away! Mine is 'Still Amazed' featuring Jason McReynolds. No matter what mood I'm in, or what I'm going through, that song reminds me to constantly be amazed my God's love, grace, and mercy in my life. It makes me cry every.single.time., and gets me right back in order when I start to veer away.

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