You Are Already Equipped


The right time will never come unless you make it.
The right resources are already within you.
Do this for you and God; nothing else matters.

These are the things I speak when I frighten myself with bold ideas. It's accompanied by a quite recent tweet I found mentioning how we've already been equipped for this work, coupled with a confirmed that dates back to God's first creation of man: Adam. 

Adam was created to reign over the newly created land. He was to work and take care of the land. Adam, however, needed a partner, thus Eve was created from his rib, and joined him. There they were, the complete pair. Given all they needed to sustain themselves in this world. There were adequate water sources, plentiful fruit trees to eat from and each other to delight in. Perhaps, seemingly too simple to fathom in this day, they had it all. God made sure of that.

Unfortunately (for us all), they hadn't realized it. The serpent - who was also indicated in Gensis as God's creation - had plans to entice and confuse them into thinking they were ill-equipped. Of all the trees afforded to them, the pair didn't have approval to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil; this was the one tree that was off limits. Despite knowing so, the serpent enticed Eve to do the very thing God didn't want either of them to do by making her believe that she needed something else - something more - than what was already provided. Sound familiar?

Like Adam and Eve, God has equipped us with everything we need for the purpose He's assigned us to. He gave us the gifts and talents we need to execute the purpose; He gave us the passions we need to identify and delight in this purpose; He predestined the circumstances we need to build the endurance, strength, and resilience, to implement and sustain this purpose; and He gave us the desire to sharpen our discernment and be led by Him, to truly fulfil our purpose. Yet for some reason, we're still waiting for something more. We're waiting for something bigger. Despite having all we need to implement, Satan has convinced us that we don't have enough. That we are ill-equipped. 

He plays on our insecurities to get us to believe that we're inadequate. Because Eve couldn't eat from one tree, she didn't have enough; she was inadequate. But don't judge Eve, look at yourself. Because we're missing one characteristic, we can't serve how we ought to. Because we don't know what lies ahead we can't implement our plan. Because we don't have money... because we don't have time... because we don't have resources, we can't serve. We can't be. We can't create. We can't do.

Satan uses this trick to force us into a state of procrastination or straight denial for what God's instructing us to do. We tell ourselves that when we get this...that...more, we'll do it. We'll start it. We'll produce it. We'll write it. We tell ourselves that when God provides, we'll start to move. Interestingly enough, He already has provided - He's just waiting for you to realize it.

Satan knows what He's doing in his attempts to deter us. He's strategically trying to run you off course, and if you allow him to, it will work. There's a reason that despite having the tree of life at their leisure to consume, they chose to eat from the tree that was forbidden. Of the abundance God provided for them, they still felt it wasn't enough. Right now, you probably feel like you're not enough. Like you don't have 15k followers on social media, so you can't launch a brand. Like you don't have 15k dollars in your bank account so you can't start your business. Like you don't have the look, the speech, or the connections to be the motivational speaker God is pushing you to become. All of those inadequacies are directly from the serpent.

When God put you here - when He created you to be the solution to a problem, when He planted within you the gifts needed to advance His kingdom by solving this problem, when He identified your route for addressing this problem, and when he marked your expiration date to be the day your work was finished - He gave you everything you needed to achieve the mission. He equipped you with all the tools, the people, the resources, the strength, and the passion that you needed to fulfill it. He readied you with the armor, nourishment, and wisdom (that is, to merely rely on, and trust, Him) to get you through. Perhaps it's time you stop letting the serpent convince you otherwise.

You're waiting for more to be delivered to your doorstep; waiting for God to defeat the serpent. You're waiting for a strike of lightning to confirm something God already put in your spirit; waiting for a million dollars to hit your bank account to pay for the efforts God has already assigned resources to; waiting for a 'right time' that God has already put on your calendar. But none of that is coming, because it has already been provided. You have already been equipped with everything you need.  

The same one that tricked Eve into believing she needed the forbidden fruit is tricking you now. My question to you is, how much longer are you going to let him?

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