12 Gospel Songs to Re-Center Yourself


We all fall off; this journey is a constant winding road. The important part is how you work to center yourself back to God's will.

It's said that songs offer an incredible gateway to one's soul. What you constant fill your ears with, will manifest in your heart, then outwardly. So when I'm in the midst of spiritual struggles, these 12 songs are what I turn to. They've gotten me through many moments of self-destruction and spiritual defeat. They're some of my first go-to's and have certainly helped cleanse my spirit during rough times. Take a listen!

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Without You—Tasha Cobbs
In this beautiful song, Tasha reminds us that without God we are nothing. She humbly begs the question, where would I be without you? This brings me back to God, even when I've strayed the furthest, because I'm reminded that without Him I truly am lost. 

Still Amazed—Full Gospel Baptist Church ft. Jonathan McReynolds
I've cried to this song many times—especially when I feel the most alone. Despite our feelings, Jonathan reminds us that we still have plenty to be pleased about. God is still doing a mighty work, and despite our circumstance, we ought to still be amazed by it. 

Revealed—James Fortune & FIYA
I'll never forget the first time I grew weary of God's plan. I let this song play and sat on my floor and cried. James reminds us that in due time God's glory will be revealed. He makes a call for God's glory to dwell in the current place we're in and to fill us while we're waiting. The power of this song encourages me past my circumstance. No matter what, keep working toward God's purpose; soon enough it'll all make sense. 

Just Want You—Travis Greene (ft. Jordan Connell & Chandler Moore)
Travis is one of my favorite gospel artists. In 'Just Want You' Travis urges God to remove everything from his life to prove that God is enough. This song convicts me in a way very few songs do—reminding me that if I have nothing else, God is all I need. And if what I have isn't pleasing to God, then Lord, I don't want it.

I Can Only Imagine—Tamela Mann
Tamela gives me an old school gospel feel with this hit. She ponders the moment she finally meets the Lord. She wonders what she'll do, what she'll feel, and how pleasantly God will receive her. This song forces me to do the same. I want the moment I come 'face to face' with God to be glorious, and to do so, my time here must be done right. I want God to be undeniably pleased with me. This song slaps me right in the face and reminds me to get myself together spiritually, so that could happen.

Never Be The Same—Shana Wilson
Shana Wilson is such an underrated artist. Never Be The Same is an ode to your first experience with God. Whether it was the first time you gave your life to Christ or the moment you experienced the Holy Ghost, Shana reminds us that, as the title suggests, we will never be the same.

For Your Glory—Tasha Cobbs
If you know me—and/or follow me on Instagram—you know Tasha is my bestie. I would insert a picture of us together here, but this really isn't about me. (I seriously met her two times, and the second time she remembered meeting me the first. Woohoo!) Anyway, this was one of the first Tasha songs I fell madly in love with. In this song, she reveals a heart that we all should have: one longing to please God. She sings that for His glory (not worldly possessions), she would do anything; to please Him, she would do anything. A powerful proclamation of surrender, obedience, and desiring God.

Closer/Wrap Me In Your Arms—William McDowell
William McDowell's archive is powerful. Much of his work needs no explanation; his art is definitely sit-there-silently-and-let-this-rest-in-your-spirit music. In this song, he calls unto God to bring him closer. He desires to be closer than he's ever been; he wants to grow more toward Christ, create a more intimate relationship with Him; He wants to experience more of Him. William asks God to wrap him in His arms, a maximum level of intimacy.

You Are My Strength—William Murphy
A beautiful worship song, Murphy inspires us to recognize where our strength comes from. This song reminds me to call unto God's ultimate strength in my times of need; and reassures me that even when I'm too weak to call unto Him, He is still fighting for me.

The Light—Deon Kipping
In this piece, Deon reminds us that it is God who came in and changed our lives. He encourages us, in every moment of our lives, to look toward The Light that constantly saves us. Deon lets us know that the more we pursue The Light, the more the darkness fades. The beautiful melody, undeniable vocal strength, and lyricism make this an incredible song. 

Jacob's Song (with transition to I'm Desperate)—Briana Babineaux ft Sha Simpson
Bri makes a plea to be filled with God's everlasting strength and restorative power. She shares a testimony of the continuous pursuit of God, not letting go until He changes her from the inside out. On the album, the song is followed by I'm Desperate, which a continuance of the initial call to God, admitting her desperation for the change she's seeking. This song reminds me to be desperate for God. To pursue Him wholeheartedly with this same level of desperation and humility.

What are some of your faves? Share them below!

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