3 Ways to Be The Church When You Don't Have a Church Home


Finding a true church home is hard work. I lucked up the first time. It took me one watch night service for me to decide that Varick Memorial AME Zion Church would be my church home. God led me right to where I needed to be. But this go 'round—ever since my pastor left last August—has been much harder than I had anticipated. I've visited 4 churches since the year began, and have a whole list of others that I plan to attend throughout the first quarter of this year.

However, in the interim, it's important to acknowledge that there are other ways that we, as individuals, can be the church while we're currently pursuing one. The church is not just a building, it’s the joining of congregants within it – otherwise, it is just a vacant structure that serves no purpose. So whether you're looking to change [physical] churches or looking for your first church home this one is for you.

3 Ways to Be The Church When You Don't Have a Church Home

1. Fellowship together: "...where two or three gather..." One of the greatest ways to experience church outside of a church building is to fellowship together. Get together with like-minded friends and share sermons, scriptures, and devotional content. Build a solid foundation among yourselves. Even if you're new to salvation and/or Christianity, working with women and men that are dedicated to living for Christ, can help create a church among you all. Find solid footing with friends who hold you accountable, and work together to pour into one another. Also recognize that just like in church, where two or three gather, Christ is among them. (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12, Proverbs 27:17, Matthew 18:20)

2. Serve: part of the role of a church (the collection of congregants) is to bring people to salvation and engage with the community. You do not need to stand behind church ministry to serve the people of God. You can do this on your own. When people see you in the work you do they should be able to see resemblance of Christ—with or without a church backing. Sign up for volunteer opportunities through your local non-profit and/or start your own efforts! Serving others is part of being a servant of God. Don’t let not having a church home stop you from that. (1 Peter 4:10, Acts 20:35, Mark 10:44-45)

3. Dedicate yourself to Christ in different ways: Bedside Baptist, Bible study/groups, morning prayer calls, internet resources, etc. Allow yourself to be poured into in other ways. Church is not the only way to bed fed; instead, dedicate time each day to immerse yourself in God and His word, in other ways. There are tons of devotionals, blogs, books, internet churches, YouTube sermons, and resources to get you well on your way to pursuing God outside of the four walls of a church. (James 4:8, Isaiah 7:14)

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