The Right One Will


Unrequited love, bad relationships, and bitter breakups continue to taint the beauty of relationships. Feelings of worthlessness, wasted time, and wiped tears tend to make moving on more difficult each time. It often leaves us hurt, hopeless, and hidden. We isolate ourselves, and our hearts, to protect them from enduring the very thing that just tore us apart.

But this isn't a post for that. It's not a post to highlight the pain of the breakup. It's not to rehash how silly the guy is for not being man enough. It's not even to uplift you for the aftermath. It's simply to assure you, that it's not your fault. It's to remind you that you're a jewel worth being picked up, no matter how many times you've been dropped. It's to encourage you to continue the pursuit—to allow yourself to continue to be pursued. It's to pull you from the corner of your bedroom and out into the sunshine. 

Because you are perfect for the heart that's meant to love you. You are a treasure to the guy who knows the true worth of a gem. And, while that one didn't appreciate you, the right one will. The right one will give you no reason to doubt. He will void your insecurities and fill you with hope for yourself and your relationship. The right one will hold you tight enough to feel your heartbeat and will be sure to protect it. He'll remember the melody to which it throbs and will unify his own with yours.

He will nurture the words you speak and work tirelessly to act on what you ask of him. The right one will nourish your relationship and the growth it needs to succeed. He will work with you to make it work. He will keep promises. He will respect your desires and disprovals. He will seek to understand. He will acknowledge your value and hold on tighter than ever before. He will not foolishly—or accidentally—drop you like the last guy who wasn't meant for you in the first place.  

The right one will know you're the one for him and constantly remind you why. He'll be certain of where he hopes to go with you before he takes up your time. He'll be intentional. He'll be sure. He will know where you two are going and will lead you to that place. He will comfort you along the journey, through every obstacle you may face. He will have a plan in mind and he will work to make it come to fruition. 

The right one will embrace all of you. He'll push you to be better and will receive the push you give him. He'll focus on your growth as much as he does his own. He will love you without ceasing. You will be his first, last, and only pick. 

The right one will focus on what's important in your relationship. He won't let anyone influence his direction with you. While he'll long to maintain the relationships he has with others, he will rid himself of all things and people that are against his desire to be with you. He will acknowledge that lines need to be drawn and he'll have no problem drawing them. 

The right one will be sent from God. He will be carefully prepared and ready for all you have to offer. He won't linger and he won't lead you astray. The right one will come to you, but not until he's been prepared. 

Allow him to be prepared, sis. 

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