4 Ways to Intercede in the Lives of Others


These past two weeks have been challenging for many people I know. The recent death of a well-loved 28-year old to suicide, led many people to an instant state of shock, grief, and sadness. It led me to my knees on behalf of people, in ways that I have never been led to before. Not only did this death shake my life - due to my own personal bouts with depression and suicidal thoughts [read about that: here] - it shook the many people around me.

Instead of just extending my condolences to those directly affected by this loss, I decided to fervently interceded on their behalf.

In the midst of grief this taxing, It's incredibly important to pray for those around you - no matter how close the friendship is. Many times, the pain makes it hard for you to advocate for yourselves in the ways you need during the hard times. Because of that, intercession is critically important.

What is intercession? Great question. Intercession is the act of intervening (in this case, in prayer) on behalf of another person. When you intercede, you step in for them in prayer. As we work to be better Christians, and overall better women, it's important to identify some of the best (and not so best) ways to intercede in the lives of others.

Here are a few:

1. DO pray immediately. Life happens in a split moment, and you never want to miss that moment by waiting until you get home or settled. It takes nothing to say a quick "God, bless them, protect them, guide them," while you're driving in your car, or are in between thoughts. This quick, immediate prayer, is meant to hold you over until you can get into your more desired posture of prayer and intercession. Until then, pray immediately. Your quick prayer may be the difference between someone becoming completely irate, and someone finding divine comfort in Christ.

2. DO NOT try to figure out what's wrong (especially if they're not a close friend). It's not only intrusive, but it appears to be insincere. There are a few prayers that cannot steer you wrong, and that don't require you to know the details of that person's situations. Pray for healing, pray for God's perfect will, pray for peace, pray for clarity, pray for comfort, pray for love.

No matter what people are enduring, these 4 things really cover all the bases. If the person is hurt: healing, peace and comfort helps. If the person is confused: God's perfect will and clarity will take the cake. If the person is battling their own self-loathing thoughts: love, healing, and comfort are a present help. Regardless of what that person is enduring, these cover a multitude of battles. And they do not require you to get all in their business to do so.

3. DO pray for them, with them. After you've prayed immediately and/or in your own desired posture, and time permits, pray with the person. Allow them to listen to your prayer and get it in their spirit. Allow them to believe it and touch & agree with you on it. You can never go wrong with double the faith.

4. DO NOT wait until they ask your for prayer. Take the initiative and intercede with, or without, their permission. If you feel your friend's aura is off, just drop to your knees on their behalf. That's the beauty of prayer, you have the right to do it freely, without anyone's approval.

When I was going through my battle last year, I was so far from God that I didn't want anyone to pray. When people asked me if they could pray for me, I'd immediately turn them down. Ironically, I know it was the prayers of those who knew I needed it (even with me fighting about it) that kept me going.

**BONUS** DO commit yourself to being a present help. A lot of times when we intercede on behalf of others, we only do so in prayer. In fact, there are physical ways you can intercede, too - the most beneficial of which is to be a present help. Let them know that you are there, willing and available to help in any way you can. Show them you are there, by actually being there.

Words can't express the power of intercession in the lives of others; especially in the midst of their season of 'going through'. Dedicate yourself to caring for others in the ways mentioned above, and watch their lives transform through your prayers. Continue to be a blessing unto others. 

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