PODCAST 022: Journeying Through Brokenness


Since the beginning of 2018, I've felt new and redeemed and whole, in ways I never knew were possible. You may have heard (or read) me pour out my soul about the troubling 2017 I had, but this year is looking and feeling brand new.

However, I'd be doing a disservice to you, and myself, if I wasn't honest about how 2017 contributed to this newness. Frankly, God had to tear me apart to put me back together. And while it was a grueling process, I admit, it was totally worth it.

In this episode I explain the process I underwent to go from pain to peace. I share how refreshing it is to now be on the other side of what I thought would destroy me. And, I offer some mild encouragement to those of you who are currently where I was last year. I even get a little emotional in between.  

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