When Mum's The Word


It's been 15 days since I've written a new post. 15 days of existing in a moment, without thinking about how well it'd be received if I shared it. 15 days of just being. Absorbing for the sake of my process rather than for a post.


Though, seemingly neglectful, it's been a beautiful 15 days. So often I get wrapped up in trying to find creative ways to turn my days into lessons that others could learn from, that I forget to enjoy the process of them.

This is fun work. I enjoy turning my introspection into reflections for others. But sometimes, in doing so, I miss opportunities that allow myself to just be. I want to create so much, so frequently, that I forget that some lessons are simply for my own consumption—not everyone else's.

As I continue on this quest of minimally published content in May, I'm choosing to honor these moments. I won't try to push anything out of me, nor will I exploit my self-work by exposing it all to this outlet. Rather, I will just be. In this moment. In this space. For the rest of this month (or however long this work takes).

Thank you for understanding.

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