Through the joy, pain, and ultimately healing of my last relationship, I’ve learned a lot about life, love, and myself. So many beautiful discoveries came from the pain of those memories, and I’d be doing a poor job if I didn’t use them to uplift and encourage the beautiful souls around me.

Because of that, DEAR QUEENS is launching the LESSONS FROM LOVE blog series, bringing the experience of black women in love, to your homes and hearts.

Honoring the collective voice of womanhood, the Lessons From Love series was created to provide a community of support for women currently in love, or healing from love. The series will use personal narratives + testimonies to empower women to make effective dating decisions and to pursue the love they rightly deserve.

Knowing that I’m not the only one with wisdom to share, and vulnerability to expose, I’m placing a call to other women to share their experiences with the DEAR QUEENS audience. If you have a personal story, testimony, or lesson you’d like to share (keeping the goal in mind), please consider submitting a piece. The deadline for submissions is July 31, 2017.

E-mail your love story—good or bad—and the lessons from it, to z@dearqueens.com. Posts should be between 600-1000 words and consist of: a) a valuable lesson you learned from love; b) insight you received about life, love, or Christ from a past relationship; and/or c) relationship encouragement. Please include your name/alias, website (if applicable), blog post, and brief description of yourself. Make the SUBJECT of your submission “LFL: [Blog Title]”.

Remember, the goal is to empower women through our stories. No effort is too much or too little—your words will resonate with the soul that’s meant to read them.

THEME: An Ode to the Queen 
You are cordially invited to be honored for your strength, celebrated for your resilience, and appreciated for your inner beauty. 

Come be honored by a group dedicated to pouring love into us women. Celebrate the beauty, love, strength and resilience of womanhood, by those who receive it most: men.

Yes, men will be honoring you, Queen! 

This night of passion and poetry will leave you inspired, appreciated and empowered. You don't want to miss this amazing end to your week. 


Frank Mr.Wonderful Brady (as seen on SoulTrain.com and BET), 
Sharmont Influence-Little (CT Slam Team Finalist), 
Tarishi Midnight-Shuler (CT Slam Team Finalist)
and many more! 

Treat yourself to an evening of soulful music and soulful words written to fill you up with positivity and self-love.

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*NOTE: This event is not only for women. Fellas, accompany your girlfriends, best friends, cousins, sisters, moms and aunties.

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