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Panelist, Embracing Your Difference Annual Mentoring Conference, August 2016
    Topic: Embracing Your You, Presentation: Entrepreneurship Q&A
Facilitator, Hartford Girls Rock (Summer Curriculum), September 2016
    Topic: Self-love, Presentation: Turning Negatives into Positives 
Speaker, Views from the Struggle Podcast, August 2017
    Topic: Womanhood and Worth (Episode 3)
Speaker, Embrace Your Journey Workshop, February 2018
    Topic: Purpose, Presentation: Trusting Your Process  
Facilitator, Posh Dynasty Mentorship Program, February 2018
    Topic: Self-love, Presentation: Self-Esteen and the Validation of Self
Participant, Dear Mom, Dear Dad, Dear America, February 2018
    Topic: Effects of Parent's Marital Status on Personal Views of Marriage  
Panelist, Love Your Roomie Premiere Party, March 2018
    Topic: Mental Health and the Restoration of Hope in Black Communities

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