Launched on February 3, 2015, DEAR QUEENS is a digital brand dedicated to uplifting, inspiring and motivating women toward love, life and Christ.

DEAR QUEENS encourages you, as women, to TAP INTO YOUR QUEENDOM, by instilling principles of self-love and spiritual development. 

DEAR QUEENS provides content, merchandise and events that encourage you to: 

  • find freedom + peace + joy in your spiritual pursuit 
  • identify your life's purpose and get started on fulfilling it
  • embrace the uncontrollable journey of life — the good, the bad, and the boldly beautiful
  • utilize personal narrative to fulfill purpose and create impact 
  • make decisions rooted in purpose and intentionality

DEAR QUEENS is your spiritual guide, sister, counselor, homegirl, and confidant. 

For speaking, vending and submission/collaboration requests, shoot me an 
e-mail, at:

For questions, suggestions or to say 'Hi!', do the same. 

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