Z. Hunter / Writer and Speaker / Dedicated to bringing women closer to Christ, by making salvation practical and sharing personal testimony of God's goodness in my life. / My identity & worth is rooted in Christ. / Mantra: You are more than enough. 


I've been writing for over 10 years. 
Saved for over 5. 
DEAR QUEENS is my effort to combine the two most powerful forces in my life, to inspire and empower yours. 

I use my words to uplift women toward identity. Toward purpose. Toward Christ.
I didn’t always know who I was. I thought love looked like desire-ability. I thought friendship looked like carrying the burdens of those around me. I thought life looked like doing everything “right” and finding success. I thought that my identity should be wrapped up in all these things. It took a rough breakup, isolation, and a tap on the shoulder from God to figure it out. Through journeying I recognized my being in His existence and found self-love in His unwavering willingness to love me – as broken as I was.

It was through the beauty of His being that I recognized the beauty of my own. After figuring out ways to express this message, separate from women’s ministry curriculums, I decided to create DEAR QUEENS. A platform where I was free to express myself the best way I knew how: through personal narrative and authenticity. 

This corner of the internet was created for the women who, like me, had no idea of their worth, what love felt like, or who they were in the image of God. Women like me, who, didn’t grow up in church and had no idea of the first place to look to find one — or to find the church within themselves. Women who, like me, despite the burden of carrying life well, can admit that they’re still figuring it out, and simply need a friend to figure it out with.

I am a scribe used by God to story-tell you toward salvation. 
I share personal stories to propel you toward new places in your life. Recognizing God as the source of all, I use salvation as a source of growth and the manifestation of the life you deserve. Some of these posts may relate to you, and some may not, but I write the words God lays on my heart, for the women He intended them for. I hope you find a home here. I hope you find my heart here. And, most importantly, I hope you find Christ here.

I am Zoe—the e is silent. 

I’m a Christ-following, writer, speaker, and thinker. I am passionate about this pursuit of purpose-driven living, helping black women in their journey toward identity & peace, and encouraging you to enjoy every part of this journey. I am a loving daughter, little sister, crazy aunt, and charismatic member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. I’m a student affairs professional dedicating much of my time to ensuring the academic success and holistic well-being of my students. When I’m not improving the DEAR QUEENS brand, lending advice to friends, working, cooking, cleaning, or reading, I’m filling my wine glass to the brim and tweeting about reality TV.

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