Z. Hunter / Creator of DEAR QUEENS. Writer and Speaker / Dedicated to uplifting women toward wholeness through the use of personal narrative and spiritual development. / Rooted in Christ. / Mantra: You are more than enough. 

"I find joy in encouraging women to think beyond their circumstance and tap directly into their worth; the worth they had when God first created them. The very worth that's deserving of everything they hope for and all the love they can bear."  


Writing has always been my outlet. I started chronicling my life back in middle school when I would write my feelings in the back of my dictionary with words I’d just learned from inside it. It extended to high school when then-popular site Xanga hit the scene. I never ran from using my words, however I’m just now learning the power of them.

I use my words to uplift women toward wholeness. Toward purpose. Toward Christ.
For a long time I didn’t always know who I was. I thought love looked like desire-ability. I thought friendship looked like carrying the burdens of those around me. I thought life looked like doing everything “right” and finding success. That’s not at all the case. It took a rough breakup, forced solitude, and a tap on the shoulder from God to figure it out. Through journeying I recognized my being in His existence, and found self-love in His unwavering willingness to love me – as broken as I was.

It was through the beauty of His being that I recognized the beauty of my own. After figuring out ways to express this message, separate from women’s ministry curriculums, I decided to create DEAR QUEENS. A platform where I was free to express myself the best way I knew how: through writing + authenticity. 

This corner of the internet was created for the women who, like me, had no idea of their worth, what love felt like, or who they were in the image of God. Women like me, who, didn’t grow up in church and had no idea of the first place to look to find one — or to find the church within themselves. Women who, like me, despite the burden of carrying life well, can admit that they’re still figuring it out, and simply need a friend to figure it out with.

I encourage women to utilize their true power.
Their power through narrative. Their power through art. Their power through testimony.

Growing up I had no idea of the power I had to cultivate a life I enjoyed. I learned, through my spiritual pursuit, that the life God had destined for me was attainable through the power within. Stressors will come, frustration will come, but we have the power and freedom to choose how it affects us. We have the power and freedom to be strategic + selective about what we lend our energy to. I have recognized through challenging trial & error, the importance of utilizing this power of intentionality, shifting mindsets, and managing my emotions. Since this realization, I’ve been tapping into my power to create a meaningful life for myself and impact in the lives of those around me.

Life isn’t one size fits all, though. My journey won’t be yours, and yours won’t be mine. But one thing we all have in common is our power, through Christ, to become the women we want to become and create a life we want to live. It’s one thing to recognize this power, it’s another to fully utilize it. I want women to be able to tap into God’s kingdom, and their own Queendom, to restore sources of hope, faith, love and endurance. It is through these things that you’re able to push through.

I force friends and readers alike to pursue better for themselves in life, love and their relationship with Christ.
That’s all we have, really. Life, love, Christ. I want all women — particularly the most underserved: black women — to dive deeper into these three areas of life. I will push you to get uncomfortable. I will encourage you to think beyond yourself. I will urge you to find more of Christ in yourself. I've always been that friend, challening my girls to pursue more; and for you I am still that friend.

I am a scribe used by God to storytell you toward victory…and redemption…and salvation.
I share personal stories to propel you toward new places in your life. Some of them may relate to you, and some may not, but I write the words God lays on my heart, for the women He intended them for. I hope you find a home here. I hope you find my heart here. And, most importantly, I hope you find victory…and redemption…and salvation, here.

I am Zoe—the e is silent. 

I’m a Christ-following, writer, speaker, and thinker. I am passionate about this pursuit toward purpose-driven living—a concept you will learn plenty about here—helping black women in their journey toward healing + self-love, and encouraging you to enjoy every part of this journey. I am a loving daughter, little sister, crazy aunt, and charismatic member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. I’m a student affairs professional with the same umph for encouraging students toward academic success and community involvement, as I am for empowering you toward purpose, peace, and self-love. When I’m not improving the DEAR QUEENS brand, lending advice to friends, working, cooking, cleaning, or reading, I’m filling my wine glass to the brim and tweeting about reality TV.

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