Z. Hunter / Creator of DEAR QUEENS / Writer and Speaker of all things advocating for self-love, women empowerment, and intentionality. Embracing (and shifting) my narrative to inspire others toward love and purpose. / Rooted in Christ. / Mantra: You are more than enough. 

"I find joy in encouraging women to think beyond their circumstance and tap directly into their worth; the worth they had when God first created them. The very worth that's deserving of everything they hope for and all the love they can bear."  

Z. began her writing journey at age 13, when poorly rhymed poems and horrific haikus told her teenage story. From parental issues and unrequited love, Z. used a pen and paper to release emotions and thoughts. She continued to do so in the online space, on a then-popular site, Xanga. She got into many relationship disputes over her controversial "my boyfriend is the worst" and "there's a cute new kid in my class" posts. Surprisingly, she still has no censor.  Words have always been the way she chose to vent, and it didn't matter who read or how they took it. 

Unfortunately the time restraints of a demanding college schedule, sorority life, 3 jobs and a social life forced Z. to neglect her first love and focus on the life that was happening around her. Upon completing her Public Relations Master's program, Z. decided to revisit writing in the online space. We can thank her 113-page thesis for reminding her of what she's good at

Z. works in higher education. She is also is a freelance copyeditor, publicist, blogger (of course!), speaker, and aspiring author. 

When she's not improving the DEAR QUEENS brand, lending advice to her friends, working, praying, cooking, cleaning, or sleeping, she's filling her wine glass to the brim, snacking on Smartfood popcorn and catching up on reality TV (guilty pleasure). 

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2015 Black Weblog Award Winner, Best Faith-Based Blog; Best New Blog 
Wonder Woman Wednesday, Embracing Your Difference LLC, August 2016
Ms. Divine Legacy Award Nominee, Divine Legacy Awards, September 2016
Panelist, Embracing Your Difference Annual Mentoring Conference, August 2016
Topic: Embracing Your You, Presentation: Entrepreneurship Q&A
Facilitator, Hartford Girls Rock (Summer Curriculum), September 2016
Topic: Self-love, Presentation: Turning Negatives into Positives

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