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With topics surrounding spirituality, purpose, and self-worth, Zoe thrives off face-to-face interaction. With a thirst for empowering women of color, Zoe has spoken at women’s conferences, panel discussions, and special events - and has been a guest on various podcasts.

Topics include: Trusting Your Process, Turning Negatives into Positives (Self-Esteem Workshop), Embracing Your You: The Importance of Authenticity in Entrepreneurship, and Journeying Toward Spirituality: A Beginner’s Guide

Feel free to include your event budget, if you’re working with limited speaker funds.


DEAR QUEENS’ empowerment apparel is not limited to online sales. Yielding over $1k in-person sales per year, Zoe is available to vend at events, conferences, and via special orders. If you’re interested in encouraging your audience to wear their worth, fill out the form below.

Please allow me 3 weeks notice and include estimated attendance for all vending requests.


With experience in social media campaigns, community engagement, and special event planning, Zoe is available to collaborate on special projects that align with DEAR QUEENS’ mission of healthy-decision making, self-discovery, and/or the pursuit of spiritual living. From conception to implementation, Zoe is well versed in seeing a project through to completion, and assessing its effectiveness post-event.

Ask me how to collaborate on a special events, social media campaigns, writing requests, or philanthropic events.

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