I’m Zoe.

I help women become their best selves and craft fulfilling lives — on their terms.

Certified life coach and best life liver, I’ve been encouraging friends, colleagues, and clients toward identity and intentionality for over 10 years.

After dealing with depression and loads of self-loathing, I started my own journey toward self-discovery and purpose driven-living. Since then, I’ve been able to harness my power and cultivate a life I’m both proud of and excited for.

My goal is to do the same for you.

Through coaching, I create a safe space to usher clients toward authenticity, help them take control of their circumstances, and push them toward creating a fulfilling life.


Ready to live your best life — on your terms?

Most times, what we say we want is really what society — or our parents, partners, and friends — want for us. Subscribing to these external influences, we craft a life surrounding what they tell us our lives should be, instead of what we truly hope for.

It’s time for that to change!

Through 1:1 life coaching you will be challenged to find your truest self in order to live your truest life. Honoring authenticity and intentionality as the catalyst for creating a meaningful life, I help you curate the life that aligns with your most authentic self and strategically guide you toward achieving it.

Self-work isn’t easy.
Sometimes we need someone to help facilitate it.

It gets hard to filter out the noise and get in tune with what you truly want — and what God wants for you. Through masterfully tailored introspection, guided conversation, and practicality, I help you explore personal identity and help you design (and obtain) the life you’ve longed for.

1:1 coaching may be a fit for you if you are:

  • Ready to gain clarity on your life’s purpose

  • Ready to eliminate the limitations and expectations of society, and dive wholly into your fullness

  • Ready to set clear goals and gain the grit (and intentionality) to achieve them

  • Ready to identify what YOU want, and do the work to get it!


Get ready to change your life.

It’s easier to entice readers with intelligent word play and theatrics than to be honest. That’s why there are very few honest writers. But Zoe has the skill and a spirit that reflects God in all of her content. She is a vessel who does God’s work by telling the truth. All of her endings are baptisms.
— T. Lloyd, Author 'She's Your Daughter Too'
Zoe has definitely played an integral role in my life, because while she’s providing a safe space, she also pushes me to do the actual work. Her transparency allows her to connect with women effectively, and her accountability allows room for true growth and a peace within self.
— Brionnah Lachaia, Social Worker
This article...just jumpstarted my dead battery within!
— Lisa Slade (on pursuing progress, not perfection)


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