I’m Zoe.

I help women own their power, pursue purpose, and journey well.

Certified life coach and best life liver, I’ve been helping friends, colleagues, and clients make authentic, intentional decisions for over 12 years.

After dealing with depression and loads of self-loathing, I started my own journey toward self-discovery and purpose driven-living. Since then, I’ve been able to harness my power, cultivate a life I’m both proud of and excited for, and show up as my fullest self.

My goal is to do the same for you!

Through writing, coaching, and workshops, I create a safe space that inspires women (and men!) to honor their authenticity, operate in purpose, and embrace their journey toward create a fulfilling life.



Through writing, workshops, and merchandise, DEAR QUEENS empowers women toward self-discovery and spiritual development. Using personal narrative and spiritual practicality, DEAR QUEENS inspires women to think bigger, live better, and embrace their journey toward purpose.

1:1 Coaching

Personalized coaching and professional mediation approaches help put clients on the right path toward peace, intentionality, and personal betterment. This service gives direct access for women (and men, alike) to become their fullest selves with the support and coaching of a certified professional.


DEAR QUEENS is dedicated to giving back to the community in which it was founded — New Haven, Conn. Since its launch in 2015, DQ has facilitated a multi-year partnership with a local women’s shelter to support, nurture, and inspire its residents; and has most recently awarded its first scholarship.


Ready to reclaim your power and create your dream life?

Through masterfully tailored introspection, guided conversation, personal narrative, and practicality, DEAR QUEENS helps you pursue purpose and craft a meaningful life. The goal: to bring you closer to the life God has for you. Rooted in self-discovery and spiritual development, DEAR QUEENS is your resource for becoming a better woman and creating a fulfilling life.


Get ready to change your life.

It’s easier to entice readers with intelligent word play and theatrics than to be honest. That’s why there are very few honest writers. But Zoe has the skill and a spirit that reflects God in all of her content. She is a vessel who does God’s work by telling the truth. All of her endings are baptisms.
— T. Lloyd, Author 'She's Your Daughter Too'
Zoe has definitely played an integral role in my life, because while she’s providing a safe space, she also pushes me to do the actual work. Her transparency allows her to connect with women effectively, and her accountability allows room for true growth and a peace within self.
— Brionnah Lachaia, Social Worker
This article...just jumpstarted my dead battery within!
— Lisa Slade (on pursuing progress, not perfection)


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