DEAR QUEENS was founded in 2015 to build community for beginning Christian women of color. Since its founding, DEAR QUEENS has undergone many iterations—transforming from an empowerment blog to a brand that encourages, promotes, and provides spiritual practicality and self-discovery.

Dedicated to inspiring women toward healthy decision-making through self-discovery and spiritual development, DEAR QUEENS now serves as a safe space to ensure that black women are owning their power, pursuing purpose, showing up as their fullest selves, and creating their best lives—on their own terms.


About Zoe


Writer, speaker, and certified life coach, Zoe’s passion lies in helping women discover themselves and harness their power, to create an authentically fulfilling life. With a focus on spiritual purpose and self-discovery, Zoe uses principles of intentionality and healthy decision-making to help black women (and men) live their best lives — on their own terms. She honors the beauty of journeying for provoking meaningful, lasting change.

Zoe is also a full-time student affairs professional, creating programs and coaching students to find innovative solutions to real-world problems through entrepreneurship and social justice; and an operations consultant, helping local startups refine their client acquisition and systems strategy.

She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, seasoned grant reviewer for one of the largest local non-profits, a ‘when it feels good’ freelance writer, and a two-time Black Weblog award winner.

Zoe prides herself on living authentically, loving wholeheartedly, and serving passionately. Fulfilling purpose and obeying God, Zoe believes in the beauty of creating a life on her own terms and becoming her best self.

Despite her workload, Zoe makes it a point to find time for self-care and relaxation. In doing so, she’s usually cooking, filling her wine glass to the brim, and tweeting about reality TV.