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Conquering Fear: A Trip Through the Wilderness

I do not like woods or wildlife. Animals frighten me, and I’m not particularly fond of bugs. But when my co-worker invited me to check out his workspace, as part of my on-boarding, I was in full support. I was familiar with his location since, in the past, we’ve utilized his beautiful outdoor oasis for events. The last time I’d been there, spring had just started breaking through. The grounds I’m most familiar with resembles camping space—there’s a barn, a firepit, and an ‘in progress’ fire pit. It’s a beautiful space. This particular time visiting, I was interested in him taking me through the garden that I’d never seen and hearing him explain the development of the space itself.

That’s certainly how the meeting started, before it took its turn.  

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Love Redefined

I wrapped up a client meeting and went to meet a few friends from college for drinks. These guys were my lifeline during my last two years. I didn’t quite trust many women—most of them wanted to be my friend to gain entry into my sorority—so I resulted to my amazing roommates and these guys. We dubbed ourselves the “frat house”, and I was the first and only lady every admitted to the crew.

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The Breakup Was Better

I thought I learned a lot in my relationship. We came from very different walks of life, so I thought learning how to work together and deal with our differences taught me everything I needed to know about building a budding relationship. I just knew I had been stretched as far as I could have been with everything we went through together. But the years following our relationship transformed me into a woman I never thought to become.

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Coming into Your Own: A Lesson on Authenticity, Alignment, and Purpose

I muscled into my hotel room with great disappointment after turning down a lunch date with colleagues. It was a long walk from the convention center to the Westin, so I had plenty of time to think about what I had just done. I needed a listening ear and a loving heart, but as I entered the room to explain my error to my best friend, nothing came out. I was so upset at myself that I couldn’t even express how I felt.

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What My 10-Day Detox Taught Me About Winning

I stopped dieting and calorie counting a few years ago. I realized that my attempts to slim down were rooted in self-loathing rather than self-love. I knew that the only way to combat that was to truly love myself — as soon as I did, I learned that my size was perfect for me.

One thing I never shied away from, though, was healthy living. Instead of fad-dieting — like I had done so many times in the past — I was simply eating better, consistently. Not for weight loss, but for health care.

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The Grind is Not My Ministry

There’s a meme floating around social media that suggests that 3 a.m. is the hour of creatives, writers, musicians, and artists. I’ve watched this movement of late nights early mornings for a while. I’d roll over in the wee hours of the morning and see late nighters (or early risers) up and at it — grinding. I’d grow to admire their work ethic thinking that their loss of sleep was a goal to aspire to.

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5 Ways to Reset Yourself for the New Year

We’re officially in the last month of the year. It took a while to get here but we made it! Many of us are using this time to set new year’s resolutions and assess the success of this year’s goals. It’s a last-ditch effort to accomplish the things that are still pending and create a new set of goals to begin in January.

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Why I Quit Social Media and How It’s Improved My Life

At this point I’m positive that any millennial can attest to how addictive social media is. I’m sure there’s a handful of baby boomers can testify to the same thing. Constant access to family, friends, and strangers makes you feel like you’re connected without really being connected. Having the ability to directly interact with people near or far without the undivided attention a phone call requires, may seem like life’s dream. Being there without really being there seems like a lifehack. In theory, social media is great for social connectivity — in practice, not so much.

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How Believing in God Taught Me Self-Love

In 2008 I first felt His presence.

It was a few months after my first real heartbreak, and right after my college best friend (and roommate) packed up her things and dropped out. I was alone. Sad. Hopeless. Everything I had known, left. And there He was, simply there to comfort me. I had no idea what the feeling was at the time, but it was irrefutable – He was among me. 

In 2012 I finally decided to pursue Him.

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