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ADVERTISING & Affiliate Marketing

DEAR QUEENS is dedicated to providing tools & resources that foster healthy decision-making, spiritual development, and self-discovery (self-love, self-care, and self-worth). Advertising and/or affiliate marketing can come in the form of traditional ad placements, product or service reviews, event coverage, and social media promotions. All advertising and/or affiliate marketing requests must fully align with the DEAR QUEENS brand and its message. For pricing specific information, complete the form below.


DEAR QUEENS prides itself on face-to-face interaction and supporting philanthropic endeavors. To collaborate on a project, workshop, or special campaign, please complete the form below. Please know the proposed work must support DEAR QUEENS mission of helping women own their power, purpose purpose, and journey well.

Past workshops: Pursuing Entrepreneurship with Authenticity, Trusting Your Process: Honoring Your Purpose-Driven Journey, Turning Negatives to Positives (young adult self-esteem workshop), and Workplace Advocacy.

Past podcast topics: Self-love and Black Womanhood, Worth and Womanhood, Pursuing Purpose, and Spiritual Obedience.

Interest areas: purpose & spiritual obedience; beginning your spiritual journey; self-love, self-worth, and self-care; self-advocacy in the workplace; self-discovery & honoring your full self; and mindfulness for entrepreneurs

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