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Navigating a Toxic Work Culture as a Woman of Color: A Personal Testament

“Hey, our online request form is down. Can you help resolve?” I asked. A critical function of our office is being able to process certain requests in a timely manner. In this situation, however, we were unable to receive requests because that part of the site was down. It hadn’t even been 24-hours before we started receiving frantic e-mails from students and alums who had tried to access the form but were met with this roadblock.

There was no solution at the end of her e-mail. No alternative she was willing to offer up.

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What My 10-Day Detox Taught Me About Winning

I stopped dieting and calorie counting a few years ago. I realized that my attempts to slim down were rooted in self-loathing rather than self-love. I knew that the only way to combat that was to truly love myself — as soon as I did, I learned that my size was perfect for me.

One thing I never shied away from, though, was healthy living. Instead of fad-dieting — like I had done so many times in the past — I was simply eating better, consistently. Not for weight loss, but for health care.

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5 Ways to Protect Your Peace

I began my journey toward finding my peace after moving out of my parents’ house about five years ago. After living in the chaos of having college and grad school roommates, then back to a house with my parents and older brother — and having to write my name on my groceries — I was ready to venture off to a new place of solitude and quiet peace. I wanted to own and enjoy this transition.  

I learned early on, that while place can affect peace, perspective is one of its largest contributors. With that revelation, I began the self-work necessary for cultivating peace.

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Why I Quit Social Media and How It’s Improved My Life

At this point I’m positive that any millennial can attest to how addictive social media is. I’m sure there’s a handful of baby boomers can testify to the same thing. Constant access to family, friends, and strangers makes you feel like you’re connected without really being connected. Having the ability to directly interact with people near or far without the undivided attention a phone call requires, may seem like life’s dream. Being there without really being there seems like a lifehack. In theory, social media is great for social connectivity — in practice, not so much.

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